Rebranding the NFL: AFC Edition

So remember months ago when I rebranded the NFC? I was going to post the AFC one right after that, but my computer decided to lose the files. 

Well, after some deep searching through the trash bin and computer chips, I found them all in one piece! Except the NY Jets. But, is it really a bummer? 

 So, here is my rebranded AFC of what my NFL would look like: 


Baltimore Ravens -> Baltimore Crustaceans 

Doesn’t everyone love their crab cakes from Maryland? I’ve never had one, but I heard they’re good. Crustaceans aren’t a daunting and scary team name but I chose it to represent what the city and state are known for. 


Buffalo Bills -> Buffalo Ice Caps 

It gets cold up north. Period. With the way the Bills are playing right now, Teams might have to travel up to the cold area of New York in blizzard-like conditions in the playoffs. Just make sure to give the ball some heat because I wouldn’t want to catch and throw an ice cube.  


Cincinnati Bengals -> Cincinnati Tigers

This was the final team I had remaining and I couldn’t come up with anything else. The logo does look cool though so it makes up for it. (BTW, thank you to one of our designers Ryan Y. for helping)


Cleveland Browns -> Cleveland Owls 

Did you know the Great Horned Owl lives in Ohio? Sure an owl is slow and old, but they are wise. Kind of like Bill Belichick…


Denver Broncos -> Denver Griffins 

Since Empower Field at Mile High is…well…a mile high, they should be represented by an animal that flies at that altitude. A griffin means a lot of things though. It represents courage and boldness, along with strength and leadership. There’s your educational part of the article, you’re welcome. 


Houston Texans -> Houston Rocketeers 

Houston, we have a problem! Oh, you thought I was talking about that? No, but we could go there. That’s for another day. If you’re a Texans fan you probably get what I’m saying here. IF you’re not, I’m talking about Bill O’Brien. Hopefully Watson can bring them to the moon. 


Indianapolis Colts -> Indianapolis Racers

Indiana hosts the Indy 500, so might as well represent the state by naming their NFL team the Racers.  Although, they might not be the fastest car in the lineup with Phillip Rivers under center. 


Jacksonville Jaguars -> Jacksonville Gators 

In the swamps of Florida lurk alligators who are hunting for their next meal. Jacksonville is hungry to get back into the postseason with their “Minshewmania” running rampant. It also keeps the “fierce” image a jaguar gives. 


Kansas City Chiefs -> Kansas City Beavers

Ok maybe I went with little intimidation here, but I like the name. A beaver has that one sharp tooth and I like to think of the tooth as Patrick Mahomes. He’s sharp and a huge threat on the field. Plus, the team has built their dam with their Super Bowl caliber roster. 


Las Vegas Raiders -> Las Vegas Gamblers

This one is arguably my favorite design. It’s a gambling city lined with casinos and coin machines and all that jazz. Las Vegas also has a new stadium as well to go along with their new identity. Play your cards right and you might get a win. 


Los Angeles Chargers -> Los Angeles Flame

Just a disclaimer: this is NOT a joke about the California wildfires. I went with the Flame here because I liked the ring it had to it and that the design is like a phoenix.


Miami Dolphins -> Miami Suns 

Summers in Florida get hot, there’s no arguing that. This Sun design is almost taunting you that you will have to work twice as hard in the Miami heat. I also heard Florida has nice sunsets to watch…


New England Patriots -> New England Monarchs 

No, not the butterfly. The American’s came over here to get away from the British Empire but are now ruled by the Bill Belichick dynasty. Still curious to see if it was Tom Brady or Bill running the show there.


New York Jets -> New York Liberty 

Since I don’t have an image for this one, I’ll describe to you what I envisioned. I pictured Lady Liberty holding a football instead of the torch. The same color scheme from the Jets was used, so the logo would be the usual green and black. 


Pittsburgh Steelers -> Pittsburgh Iron

Pittsburgh is the steel city, so I wanted to keep that same idea. Here, Iron Man’s suit was used. For the film enthusiasts here, I know his suits are not made of steel and are instead made of nitinol. But, close enough…right? 


Tennessee Titans -> Tennessee Blues 

It’s the state of the music city, so its fitting name for their name to be the Blues. Remember the 2019 NFL Draft? There was a band in the back playing different songs when each draft prospect took the stage which is a perfect representation of the city. Keep playin the blues, Nashville!