Week Four Quarterback Power Rankings: 3 Word Description

*Disclaimer: Rankings Based Solely on Week 4*

  1. Aaron Rodgers– 2011 back again
  2. Josh Allen– Great things coming
  3. Russell Wilson– Another masterful performance
  4. Tom Brady– Pick 6 bug
  5. Justin Herbert– No more Tyrod
  6. Dak PrescottTurnover worthy plays
  7. Derrick Carr– Outdueled by Allen
  8. Lamar Jackson– Solid comeback game
  9. Patrick Mahomes– A little underwhelming
  10. Kyler Murray– Good not great
  11. Deshaun Watson– Good riddance O’Brien
  12. Gardner Minshew– Maybe tank proof
  13. Joe Burrow– Kid can play
  14. Matthew Stafford– Just not enough
  15. Kirk Cousins– They finally won
  16. Drew Brees– Dwindling arm talent
  17. Teddy Bridgewater– CMC staggered growth
  18. Phillip Rivers– Defense is carrying
  19. Baker Mayfield– Run game carried
  20. Jared Goff– Managed the game
  21. Dwayne Haskins– Benched for Allen
  22. Carson Wentz– 2017 was outlier
  23. Matt Ryan– Big changes coming
  24. Sam Darnold– What a run
  25. Nick Foles– Couldn’t handle preparation
  26. Ryan Fitzpatrick– No Fitzmagic today
  27. Daniel Jones– Team is pitiful
  28. Brett Rypien– A failed experiment
  29. Nick Mullens– Consistently screwed Shanahan
  30. Bryan Hoyer– Terrible, just terrible!

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