Week Five Quarterback Power Rankings: 3 Word Description

Rankings Based Solely on Week 5*

  1. Ryan Tannehill– Pitched perfect game
  2. Ryan Fitzpatrick– Fitz is MAGIC
  3. Derrick Carr– Not playing around
  4. Justin Herbert– Pure, raw, skill
  5. Ben Roethlisberger– He likes Claypool
  6. Kyler Murray– Back in groove
  7. Russell Wilson– Bad game? Nope!
  8. Patrick Mahomes– No undefeated season
  9. Deshaun Watson– No more shackles
  10. Teddy Bridgewater– CMC is arbitrary 
  11. Drew Brees– One great throw
  12. Jared Goff– He played well
  13. Kirk Cousins– You would’ve thought
  14. Lamar Jackson– Beat lowly Bengals
  15. Josh Allen– Wasn’t as sharp
  16. Carson Wentz– He lost Pennsylvania
  17. Baker Mayfield– Some bad drops 
  18. Gardner Minshew– 301 empty calories
  19. Nick Foles– He’s Brady’s daddy
  20. Tom Brady– What’s the down?
  21. Daniel Jones– Not lampooned enough
  22. Dak Prescott– Rest in peace
  23. Matt Ryan– Ship him out
  24. Phillip Rivers– He’s all finished
  25. Joe Flacco– What’d we expect?
  26. Joe Burrow– 3 measly points
  27. Alex Smith– Welcome back champ
  28. Jimmy Garoppolo– Just damn terrible

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