NBA Teams That Should Start a Rebuild

The NBA has been a league of many surprise teams as well as many consistent bottom-feeding teams. It is hard to predict what teams are in need of a serious rebuild, and what teams are just a piece away from competing. Some teams are in the process of a rebuild, while others are fighting that fate. Below are the three teams who are in need of a rebuild, and a change in culture.

Charlotte Hornets:

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The Hornets have been a very bad team for a long time. Charlotte has not made it to the playoffs in over four years and lost their franchise’s best player in Kemba Walker last year. They have solid young talent with Miles Bridges and Devonte Graham, but they need a backup guard and some serious muscle in the paint. It is insane to think a team owned by Michael Jordan has been so used to being on the decline, but that is the reality in Charlotte. They need to tear the team down aside their bright spots and gain more draft picks for big trades or young talent in the upcoming years. It is going to be a long time before Charlotte returns to their 2016 ways.

OKC Thunder, it is time:

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Oklahoma is a very talented team. They pushed Houston to a game 7 in this year’s playoffs and if it wasn’t for some bad defensive plays, they could have made it further. This offseason they are losing solid key players like Danilo Gallinari, Andre Roberson, and their hero Chris Paul. They lost Billy Donavan because he refused to rebuild and now the Thunder are faced with the daunting task, build a team in less than 3 years. They have around 15 first round picks in the next 6 years and have excellent young guys like Gilgeous-Alexander and Lu Dort. Making good picks this year and next year as well as trading some next offseason can really reshape OKC sooner rather than later. 

Washington Wizards:

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Tear the entire team down, please. Washington hasn’t been to the playoffs since 2018 and hasn’t won a title in over 40 years. They are stuck on John Wall and Bradley Beal like it’s 2015, but both those players deserve better. Everyone wants a shot at Bradley Beal and John Wall hasn’t completed a season in almost 3 years. The Wizards are trying to mask that gaping hole on their roster and should get value for their players now since their value is up. It may be a heartbreaking reality for the Washington faithful, but it is one that has been brewing since their 2017 ECSF loss. It has been a dysfunctional team and will continue to be if Washington doesn’t just accept the fact that their 2 stars deserve better.