2021 NFL Draft QB Big Board

I think it is only fitting that I start my top 10 big boards with the most important position in the NFL Draft: quarterback. This draft will be one of the best drafts for quarterback in recent memory. Names such as Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, and Zach Wilson will dominate the headlines, but what about the other guys? Here outlines my top 10 quarterbacks entering in this draft.

  1. Trevor Lawrence Clemson

Trevor Lawrence is the obvious choice for QB1, and it is really no debate at this point. His combination of athleticism, size, traits, and leadership make him one of the best quarterback prospects of all time. Trevor was hyped up to be the man, the face of college football since he was in highschool, and he has lived up to that and more. Trevor, a national champion and Heisman finalist is going to be the first pick in the NFL Draft, but now we wait to see if he continues to live up to the hype in the NFL.

2. Zach Wilson BYU

Rick Bowmer/Pool Photo-USA TODAY NETWORK

QB2 is always going to be a debate right up until draft night and even beyond that. The margin between Justin Fields and Zach Wilson is slim, but intensive scouting shows that Zach Wilson is not only more pro ready, but more gifted in the modern era of football than Justin Fields. Wilson is lightning quick with his reads, has great arm angles, incredible at throwing outside of the pocket, and makes plays that he has no business making. Whether you fault him to Fields because he has played lesser opponents in smaller games that will be the debate of the cycle, but for me Wilson’s traits and starting potential has him over Fields.

3. Justin Fields Ohio State

If you are looking for a quarter back who has all the traits and has played in the biggest games, Justin Fields is your guy. He may need work on his throwing motion as well as his ability to read the field, there is no denying his incredible athletic ability with his generational arm strength. Fields is clutch in the moment and every time he steps on the field he can make magic happen. His deep ball is one of the best in the draft and his duel threat ability will keep defensive coordinators up at night. Wherever he goes, Fields will need a great QB coach and time to develop. If developed properly, Fields can be one of, if not the best quarterback in the draft.

4. Trey Lance – North Dakota State

Trey Lance is, and will be, the biggest boom or bust prospect in the 2021 NFL Draft. Lance has all the tools, from a cannon for an arm, to electric speed, he has the ability to become a star quarterback in the NFL. Trey is great outside the pocket and has a sixth sense in feeling when pressure is coming. The question that always comes up with Lance is that he only started one year and the competition level he faced. NDSU is a power house in the FBS and that could taint the production level Lance had at North Dakota State University. Whoever drafts Trey Lance needs to give him time to sit and digest the pace and hardships the NFL has to offer, because if they do not, Lance could easily bust.

5. Mac Jones Alabama

Mac Jones is an interesting quarterback prospect. Not much mobility or creative play, but he is exceptionally well at reading the field, movement in the pocket, and not making throws that are not necessary. Jones may leave yards on the field that a higher level quarterback could, but he won’t make costly mistakes that could kill a team’s chances of winning. Mac Jones may not be the most talented quarterback, or will he be a top 15 quarterback in the NFL, but a contending team that just needs solid QB play could fall in love with a guy like Mac Jones.

6. Jamie Newman – Wake Forest

Jamie Newman arguably is the biggest question mark in the entire NFL Draft. Coming into this year, he was projected to be a top 4 QB in the draft, but he opted out due to family concerns. His opt out is commendable, as he felt it was necessary to keep his family safe. Sadly, his opt out hurt his chances a great deal to improve his draft stock. As a result of sitting out, other quarterbacks jumped him not because he was not good, but he did not have the chance to improve. Jamie has a great arm and an incredible athletic profile, but he still needs to focus on reading the field, sensing pressure, and not always playing hero ball. A team who is looking to take a quarterback on day 3 with high upside who needs to sit for 1-2 years could fall in love with Newman.

7. Davis Mills – Stanford

AP Photo/Ben Margot

Davis Mills is a name not often talked about as a top QB prospect, but the quarterback out of Stanford has enticing upside as a passer and as a play maker. Mills is a great pocket passer with an incredible arm. His mechanics are flawless and he has the ability to evade the rush when needed. The problems arise with Davis as he isn’t the most consistent passer and at times he may miss reads and not anticipate defenders. A highly touted recruit, Davis Mills has some rough edges right now, but if properly coached, he can be a lasting quarterback in the NFL, as a backup or a fringe starter.

8. Kyle Trask – University of Florida

Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Kyle Trask ranked at 8 may be low for many, but Trask lacks the athletic profile and arm strength to be a successful starter in the NFL. Make no mistake about it, Trask is built like an NFL quarterback, standing at 6’5″, and has the velocity on his throws to be a successful thrower in the NFL. He played at the top level in the SEC and showed his determination and work ethic to make it to the top of the University of Florida quarterback depth chart. The lack of ability to play outside of the pocket and throw an accurate deep ball is concerning, thus making him a strong backup in the NFL that at some point can be traded away to a team in desperate need of a starting quarterback.

9. Shane Buechele – SMU

Shane Buechele is a name forgotten in college football, but he was once a highly touted recruit committed to the University of Texas. Buechele has a smooth release and promising movement in the pocket. Shane lacks in size, athleticism, arm talent, and big play ability. As highly touted as a recruit he was, Shane’s best shot at sticking in the NFL is as a backup at best. He needs to be great at what he is good at and not try to do what he cannot. Shane cannot change his body type, arm strength, or athleticism, but he can become a more decisive passer and build upon his pocket passer presence.

10. Kellen Mond – Texas A&M

Sam Craft/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Kellen Mond is a quarterback that honestly no one knows if he is good or bad yet, and that does not bode well as he has a vast amount of tape behind his game. Kellen has elite athleticism and is one of the most dynamic rushing quarterbacks in college football. Mond’s mechanics are not the best and he reads the field at a turtle’s pace. In order for Mond to be useful in the NFL, he needs to take on a sub package role as a dynamic playmaker like Taysom Hill. If he cannot adapt to this new role, it is hard to see Kellen Mond lasting in the NFL.

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