Week Seventeen Quarterback Power Rankings: 3 Word Description

Rankings Based Solely on Week 17*

  1. Kirk Cousins– 400 and 4
  2. Aaron Rodgers– MVP locked up
  3. Justin Herbert– Great season finale
  4. Ryan Tannehill– Division clinching throw 
  5. Tom Brady– Not done yet
  6. Josh Allen– Phenomenal first half
  7. Deshaun Watson– Free him now!
  8. Cam Newton– Where was this?
  9. Lamar Jackson– Run game unparalleled
  10. Matthew Stafford– He needs help
  11. Russell Wilson– Another late comeback
  12. Mason Rudolph– Big time throws
  13. Drew Brees– Good game pops
  14. Drew Lock– 92 yard dime
  15. Matt Ryan– Can’t beat Brady
  16. Daniel Jones– Almost made playoffs
  17. Baker Mayfield– Almost screwed playoffs
  18. Derek Carr– Game winning drive
  19. Jalen Hurts– Got pulled early
  20. Mike Glennon– Almost killed Colts
  21. Chad Henne– He’s a backup
  22. Tua Tagovailoa– A bit concerning
  23. John Wolford– Loved the effort
  24. Alex Smith– Congrats, my man!
  25. Mitchell Trubisky– Couldn’t fight Rodgers
  26. Andy Dalton– Destroyed playoff hopes 
  27. C.J. Beathard– Got beat hard
  28. Phillip Rivers– They’re getting Wentz
  29. Sam Darnold– Last Jet game?
  30. Teddy Bridgewater– 5/7 QB turnovers
  31. Chris Streveler– Who’s this guy?
  32. Brandon Allen– Absolutely abhorrent performance

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