Brady’s 7th Ring: A Night of Domination

The highly anticipated game of Super Bowl 55 has come and gone. It was not what many people expected. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers easily defeated the Kansas City Chiefs with a final score of 31-9. What was supposed to be a game of two high powered offenses battling it out to the end surely did not meet those expectations. It was a great night for Buccaneers fans and Patriots fans who still think Tom Brady is their quarterback but was disappointing for the rest of the football world. So, how did Tom Brady lead the Buccaneers to a Super Bowl victory?

Well, Tom Brady was not the knight in shining armor that some people think he was. And why is that? He didn’t have to be! Tampa Bay’s defense coached by former Jets head coach Todd Bowles was ready for this game. They shut down an incredible Chiefs offense, holding them to no touchdowns. This was new for Patrick Mahomes and the rest of the offense. Todd Bowles quite honestly could’ve been the Super Bowl 55 MVP. They powered down an offense that usually shreds any opponent they face. The Buccaneers’ offense also did their part. Tom Brady looked solid. He didn’t really have to try but he still did everything he had to do. It was fun to see Rob Gronkowski catch two touchdown passes and weird to see Antonio Brown get one. Leonard Fournette got into the end zone once, and Ryan Succop kicked a field goal. It looked easy… too easy. Why was it so simple for the Buccaneers to win?

The Chiefs had nothing going for them that game. Harrison Butker was their MVP with three field goals, all of the team’s points. You can’t blame the loss on Patrick Mahomes, or the receivers, or Andy Reid, or anybody! It was a team loss. The referees calls didn’t affect the outcome. Patrick Mahomes missed on early opportunities, the receivers couldn’t catch, Andy Reid made questionable calls, the offensive line played atrocious, the defense didn’t do enough to stop the Buccaneers’ offense, and the Buccaneers’ defense was relentless. It was a disappointing showing for sure. Mahomes tried his best in garbage-time but it was too late. Who should you blame? Blame the entire team. And please don’t use the referee excuse.

So the Super Bowl wasn’t an excellent game to say the least. It was an important game for Tom Brady. Patrick Mahomes will be playing in the big game for many years to come, so don’t feel bad for him. The game was more than Tom Brady’s big moment though. It was a special moment for the NFL. A full 17 weeks of football were played with a fully functioning postseason. Things got rocky at times but the goal was accomplished. Now, we wait for the 2021 season to commence.