Kyle Trask Scouting Report

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Kyle Trask is an interesting quarterback prospect in the 2021 NFL Draft. Coming out of the University of Florida, he had a great senior season, but the rest of his college career leaves much to be questioned. One cannot question UF Head Coach Dan Mullen’s ability to develop quarterbacks in the college ranks, but will Trask be another addition to this tree, or just another backup in the NFL.

Kyle Trask Stats and Measurables

Position: QB

School: University of Florida

Class: Redshirt Senior

Height: 6’5″

Weight: 240 lbs

2020 Stats:

Passing: 4823 YDS / 68.9 Comp % / 43 TD / 8 INT

Rushing: 64 ATT / 50 DYS / .8 AVG / 3 TD


  1. Size: Kyle Trask is one of the largest quarterbacks in the 2021 NFL Draft. Standing at 6’5″ and 240 lbs, he has the durability and size to last in the NFL for a long time, even just as a backup. Cold weather teams will love him, as his big hands, sturdy build, and good velocity will deal well against colder windier weather. Size has become more and more irrelevant in the scouting process, but in Kyle Trask’s case, it does not hurt to have it. It also helps him shake off incoming defenders to get one or two more seconds to make a throw.
  2. Middle of the Field Placement: For someone who does not do the best at throwing to the sidelines, Kyle Trask does a great job of creating space for his playmakers to go to work in the middle of the field. It does not matter if hes throwing out of a sack, on the move, or stepping up in the pocket, Trask is deadly accurate over the middle. This is because of his impactful velocity on the ball, but furthermore his touch on the ball. The ball is placed just right when he throws over the middle.
  3. Throw Velocity: Kyle Trask does not have a super strong arm, but the velocity he can put on the ball is great. I compare his throwing motion to Cam Newton’s now. Cam can whip a ball into space as good as anyone, but his deep throwing and ability to high arch the ball is lacking. This is because his elbow tends to be locked in because of past injuries, thus limiting his throwing motion. Trask does not have the same injuries, but his throwing motion also sees a locked in elbow, thus creating a lot of velocity, but not ideal arm strength when throwing deep.
  4. Designed QB Runs: Trask is not like Fields, Wilson, or Lance in mobility, but when asked to run Trask can get you a solid 3-5 yards most times. Because of his size and athleticism, it is incredibly hard for defenders to take Trask down. Similar to a guy like Cam Newton late in his career, he may not be a dynamic runner, but he is a great short yardage / QB sneak runner. Trask will be instrumental wherever he goes getting short yardage touchdowns through quarterback sneaks.


  1. Consistency: Kyle Trask, like a lot of quarterbacks in the 2021 NFL Draft, has major consistency issues. Trask’s deep ball for instance can be really spot on at times, or cause his team headaches (ie bowl game versus Oklahoma). If Kyle can nail down his consistency and not cause his team grave mistakes, he can be a solid quarterback in the NFL.
  2. Release: Kyle Trask has a really tight release. This means that when he throws his elbow stays locked in, creating a higher release point. This creates more velocity and speed than the average release, but when it comes time for power throwing (sidelines and deep balls) it severely hinders his ability to do so. I have no doubt that Trask can make all the throws, but his throwing motion limits the throws he can make right now. Wherever he ends up going, the team will need to work to expand his throwing motion. If the mechanics get fixed, a lot more throws can be opened up for Trask.
  3. Play Outside the Pocket: One of Kyle Trask’s main issues is his play outside of the pocket. For whatever reason, when Trask moves into open field he completely loses his mechanics. His feet get jittery, his stance shortens, and he squares up to the defender bracing for a hit rather than trying to make the throw. He also loses all ability to process the field, which can lead to egregious throws that lead to costly turnovers. Trask needs to clean this up in order to be a successful quarterback at the next level, as a lot of guys burn out because of their play under pressure/outside the pocket.

Consensus: Kyle Trask has all the traits to become a top 20 NFL quarterback. His lack of mobility and overall play making hurts him, but if he can become consistent he will be in the league for a while. Will this be another great quarterback prospect out of the Mullen system, that is up for Kyle to decide. His work ethic will play a major role into his future, as the size, athletic ability, and arm velocity do nothing but benefit his chances. I believe Trask will find himself getting drafted in round two by a team like the Football Team, Steelers, or Patriots. He would need one to two years to develop, but if developed right, Trask can be a lasting quarterback in the league.

NFL Comp: Patriots Cam Newton between weeks 1-8

Grade: 78.2

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