Kadarius Toney Scouting Report

One of the most electric players in the country is Florida’s Kadarius Toney. He plays the wide receiver position traditionally but truthfully he is more of an offensive playmaker. Watching Kadarius Toney play is like watching the world’s greatest Madden player making every opposing defender miss until he gets into the endzone. He is an extremely explosive player and plays with a rare intentional awareness that you don’t see often in college. Recently, Toney has been slipping down draft boards, let’s see if thats justified.

College: Florida

Position: Wide Receiver (Weapon)

Number: #1

Height: 6’0″

Weight: 194 lbs

2020 Stats: 11 games played/70 receptions/984 receiving yards/10 receiving touchdowns/14.1 yards per catch


1.Kadarius Toney makes even the surest of tacklers miss on a consistent basis. He makes some of the most jaw dropping jukes and cuts in college football and his yards after catch is a big time strength because of it. After the catch, he is decisive with his moves and knows when to hit the rockets in open space. Incredibly exciting player to watch.

2.Every game Toney seemed to get better at running routes. All the way up until the Senior Bowl where he made waves by embarrassing some of the country’s best defensive backs off the line. He’s got some great footwork and really digs in with his hips at the top of his routes.

3.Kadarius Toney’s play speed in blazing fast. Whether he’ll run an eye popping 40 yard dash is yet to be seen, but his tape makes him look like he’ll run in the low 4.4s. He shows great straight line speed and can blow through gaps in the secondary after the catch.


1.There has been lots of noise around Kadarius being slot restricted. He can play outside in a pinch but operates best from a position that allows him to use the open field. He can struggle when he has to use the one side of the field and has been bullied into using the sideline by physical SEC corners before.

2.Kadarius Toney is sub-200 lbs and looks even smaller than 6’0″. He can be bullied in man coverage by big physical corners and would benefit from putting on 10-20 lbs. Both the slot restriction and size issues could be solved by adding some muscle. These are good problems to have seeing how easily solved they are.


Maybe the slot restriction and size is a downside for Toney, but is that reason enough to miss out on “The Human Joystick”? Kadarius Toney is an offensive coordinators dream and could be the electric player on Sundays that guys like Tyreek Hill and DK Metcalf are for their teams. These so called “weaknesses” seem to be more of excuses as to why not to draft a guy like Toney. Smaller receivers have absolutely struggled in the NFL in the past but these are problems that can be solved. Toney’s game is going to translate into the NFL and he is going to be a stud wherever he goes.

Draft Projection: First Round

Pro Comparison: Deebo Samuel

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