Greg Newsome II Scouting Report

Greg Newsome, a player who has shot up draft boards the past couple of weeks, is getting recognized more and more as a first-round talent at the cornerback position. His production at Northwestern was a real boost to their defense and the film only confirms it. He handled his leadership role as the spark of the Huskies defense extremely well. The instincts and skill he showcased in college have garnered multiple team’s interests, and his pro day boosted his draft stock even more. Although he will need to be developed well to reach his full potential, his ceiling is certainly high and teams hold him in high regard

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Paris Ford Scouting Report

Paris Ford is one of the most physical players in the 2021 NFL draft class. He makes huge hits look almost routine which makes for a very exciting game. Even though his big hits may be the most exciting part of his game, he does have other areas where he shows upside. He fills holes well blocking off any running lanes, and he is a prototype strong safety, maybe one of the best pure strong safeties in this class. Even with these strengths, there are some concerns surrounding his consistency tackling, as he misses a lot of tackles. His versatility is also a concern for some teams as he didn’t cover well against receivers when he was asked to. Even though he could fall to the later rounds, there is no doubt one of the more exciting prospects in the draft this year

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