2021 NFL Draft: Who is TE2, “Baby Gronk” or Brevin Jordan?

Tight end is becoming an increasingly important position and behind Kyle Pitts, there is no clear TE2. Brevin Jordan and Pat Friermuth are the two clear prospects behind Pitts but there is no consensus order. Brevin Jordan is an athletic two way tight end with great receiving production. Friermuth is a great two way tight end who doesn’t have quite the receiving production of Jordan but he does have the higher ceiling.

The Verdict

Pat Friermuth from Penn State has all the potential in the world. The reason he has the edge over Brevin is because Brevin can’t seem to stay healthy and the most important ability in football is availability. Friermuth has shown great poise as a blocker and is a big burly pass catcher. Very reminiscent of Rob Gronkowski hence the nick name “Baby Gronk”.