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The NFC North was full of disappointing seasons last year. Other than the Packers, no team had much success. Even the Bears who made the playoffs struggled for much of the season. The Vikings and Lions each had troubles all throughout last year and although the Lions are looking to turn it around with Jared Goff now at the helm, things aren’t looking too bright for either franchise. Packers fans had the most to cheer for last season, making it to the NFC championship, but alas, their season too ended in disappointment after falling to the Buccaneers 31-26 crushing their Super Bowl hopes. This whole division needs someone who can give them light at the end of the tunnel, which is something this draft class has to offer if you make the right moves.

Detroit Lions (5-11)

Round 1, Pick 7

Round 2, Pick 9 (41 overall)

Round 3, Pick 8 (72 overall)

Round 3, Pick 38 (101 overall)

Round 4, Pick 7 (112 overall)

Round 5, Pick 9 (153 overall)

Wide Receiver:

After losing both Kenny Golladay and Marvin Harrison Jr to free agency, the Lions will look to find some weapons for Jared Goff. While adding Breshad Perriman might help, they will most likely look to add another young receiver to develop during their rebuild. 


After their first-round pick, they may look to select a linebacker. As of now, they have Jahlani Tavai and Jalen Reeves-Maybin starting along with an aging Jamie Collins. None of these players will be pieces of the future during the rebuild, so a linebacker or edge player would be a viable option. 


Along with linebacker, the Lions need better edge play. They are missing a good primary rusher coming off the edge. Players such as Michigan’s Kwity Paye would be great options if they’re still available in the early second round. If they decide to go with a linebacker for their earlier picks, the Lions could still go with a pretty good edge player who would still most likely be available in the 3rd, 4th, or 5th round.

Minnesota Vikings (7-9)

Round 1, Pick 14

Round 3, Pick 15 (78th overall)

Round 3, Pick 27 (90th overall)

Round 4, Pick 14 (119th overall)

Round 4, Pick 20 (125th overall)

Round 4, Pick 29 (134th overall)

Round 4, Pick 38 (143rd overall)

Round 5, Pick 13 (157th overall)

Round 5, Pick 24 (168th overall)

Round 6, Pick 15 (199th overall)

Offensive Tackle

The Vikings are in an interesting position. Their top need right now is probably a left tackle. As of right now, their starting left tackle is Rashod Hill. This draft class has a couple of good offensive lineman and the Vikings will definitely be looking to pick one at some point. 

Interior O-line

Guard is another hole for the Vikings. They lack a qualified starter, and will most likely go with the best offensive lineman available with the 14th pick. Someone like Christain Darrisaw could fit well here as he will most likely be available with the 14th pick and is still a top Offensive line prospect this year.


Anthony Harris Signed with the Eagles this offseason, last year Harris was a focal point in the Vikings defense. He paired well with Harrison Smith and was a playmaker that supported the secondary very well. The Vikings need another player of his caliber to hold down the defense.ppiness

Chicago Bears (8-8)

Round 1, Pick 20

Round 2, Pick 20 (52nd overall)

Round 3, Pick 20 (83rd overall)

Round 5, Pick 20(164th overall)

Round 6, Pick 20 (204th overall)

Round 6, Pick 24 (208th overall)

Round 6, Pick 37 (221st overall)

Round 6, Pick 44 (228 overall)


After the Bears lost Kyle Fuller and Buster Skrine to free agency, they have some holes to fill at the cornerback position. With a young Jaylon Johnson securing the starting role, the bears will most likely look to find another young cornerback to develop alongside him. 


Andy Dalton isn’t the answer to the Bears quarterback problem. Most people point to Kellen Mond, the Texas A&M quarterback that will most likely be available at the 20th pick, or even in the second round if he falls. If he or another talented quarterback does end up falling to the second round it would be hard for the Bears to pass on him.

Offensive Tackle

Offensive line was a big problem for the Bears last season. They started off hot, but after injuries, they struggled to keep up the good play. After some adjustments during the bye week, the interior offensive line’s play was elite. Although we don’t know how these adjustments will carry over this season, we do know that left tackle Charles Leno Jr struggled last year while playing on a 4 year, 37 million dollar contract. The Bears have Leno in a perfect position to be replaced next season, especially if they’re able to pick one of the elite offensive tackles in this year’s draft class.

Green Bay Packers (13-3)

Round 1, 29 

Round 2, 30 (62nd overall)

Round 3, 29 (92nd overall)

Round 4, 30 (135th overall)

Round 4, 37 (142nd overall)

Round 5, 29 (173rd overall)

Round 5, 34 (178th overall)

Round 6, 30 (214th overall)

Round 6, 36 (220th overall)

Round 7, 29 (256th overall)


After the Packers resigned Kevin King to a one-year deal, it seems the franchise is looking to move away from him. The depth of this draft class in the cornerback position gives the Packers a great opportunity to find his future replacement without expending a first or early second-round draft pick.

Offensive Line

Center Corey Linsley and guard Bryan Bulaga both left the Packers to join the Chargers, the Packers are left with a substantial hole in the offensive line. The Packers need to find replacements for Linsley and Bulaga in the draft, as their current offensive line is a shell of what it was last year without them.

Wide Receiver

Even with Aaron Rodgers MVP season last year, their receiving corps still need improvements. Although it seems this is the case every year, the Packers currently have no receivers on contract through the 2021 season and will soon need production from a cheap contract that they can get through this draft. Although defensive tackle depth is another need from the Packers, their receivers are going to be re-signed soon, and they won’t be cheap. With a receiver pick in this draft, the Packers could secure a good option for Rodgers for the next couple of seasons, and then they can decide if they want to keep him or not.

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