Three New York Jets Pre-Draft Predictions

The 2021 NFL Draft is finally here.

Before night one kicks off, here are three of my Jets pre-draft predictions:

Prediction 1: Zach Wilson is selected with the second overall pick.

Is this much of a prediction? Well, no, not really. This is a pick that the football world has locked in and moved on from. Indirect clues from the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers, along with national media going as far as welcoming Wilson to New York via text, have all but secured the pick. Confirmation will come Thursday night from the mouth of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Prediction 2: At least one of picks 23 and 34 are moved.

Will the Jets trade up? Will the Jets trade down? Will they move pick 23? How about pick 34? Both? Who knows; I certainly don’t. My prediction is simply that at least one of these picks gets traded, whether the team moves up or down. Joe Douglas is a wizard when it comes to moving picks, as proven by the many trades made in last year’s draft, including a trade-down that landed receiver Denzel Mims while acquiring Seattle’s 101st overall pick.

Prediction 3: A mid-late round pick is used to acquire a veteran player.

Draft picks are traditionally used to select a player out of college, but the often overlooked option is trading them for current NFL players. Teams may look to shop aging veterans, a hefty contract, or even a player who doesn’t fit on their current team anymore. Just as we’ve seen the past Jets regime do by acquiring defensive end Henry Anderson and the current regime with cornerback Quincy Wilson, Joe Douglas may look to acquire a player in exchange for one of the team’s many mid-late round picks. Players around the league who could be moved during the draft include Browns tight end David Njoku and Eagles tight end Zach Ertz, two players who would immediately improve a not-so-strong position on New York’s roster.