Mills, Mond, Trask, or Book? Who’s Got the Brightest Future?

Quarterback is the single most important position in the sport of football. This year there were four quarterbacks taken outside of the big five and each have some desirable traits. Davis Mills was taken first by the aimless Houston Texans. Kellen Mond was taken to develop behind Kirk Cousins. Kyle Trask was taken to watch the great Tom Brady for a few years. Ian Book was taken by the Drew Brees-less Saints with the hopes that Sean Payton can get his hands on Ian’s raw traits. Let’s zoom in on each situation and try to predict who has the brightest future.

QB Davis Mills: Houston Texans

Davis Mills was a TSW favorite through the pre-draft process and much to our dismay, he has been thrown in the worst situation. The key to Davis Mills’ future success was going to a team where he could sit and develop. Instead, he is likely going to be thrown into the fire by the Texans with the recent news that Deshaun Watson is unlikely to play in the 2021 season. Tyrod Taylor is the only other quarterback in the room and even if they start him, I expect Davis Mills to start once they get sick of Taylor. This is an aimless organization that is going to waste a great talent like Davis Mills.

QB Kellen Mond: Minnesota Vikings

Kellen Mond is probably the most intriguing prospect on this list. Mond has played a ton of games in the SEC and not only that but he has won a lot of games in the SEC. He’s an above average athlete with a twitchy throwing motion and nice velocity on his throws. I think Mond might have the highest ceiling on this list and maybe the best chance to capitalize on it. Kirk Cousins will be a great mentor to Mond and will teach him how to be an accurate and efficient passer. With Cousins under contract through the 2022 season, this was a good gamble. Kellen Mond can come in and sit for two years while developing and learning the Vikings’ offense. This was a better people than most think and a smart move by the Vikings front office.

QB Kyle Trask: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This was a definite surprise coming at the tail end of the second round but a smart pick nonetheless. Trask doesn’t have the highest ceiling but can become a decent starter in the league. Who better to learn from than the future HOFer Tom Brady. Trask can learn how to be a professional and how to win from the reigning Super Bowl champs. If anything we can take away from this pick that the end may be near for Tom Brady’s career. Trask can also come in in a pinch and keep the Bucs’ head above water with a talented supporting cast.

QB Ian Book: New Orleans Saints

This right here is an interesting pick. Book is incredibly inconsistent but in a structured and explosive west coast offense like that of Sean Payton’s maybe Book could be great. He must sit and develop but he is the only quarterback on this list who checks each of Bill Parcell’s quarterback requirements and with an offensive mastermind like Sean Payton he just might be able to surprise people. Expectations are low but his ceiling is high and his experience cannot be dis-credited.


1.Kellen Mond: This is a quarterback with a high ceiling who has a chance to succeed in an offense like the Vikings with a talented supporting cast. The fact that Zimmer can afford to let him sit and develop is crucial to his success.

2.Ian Book: Book is a high ceiling quarterback who fell into the best case scenario with the Saints’ offense and the tutelage of Sean Payton. His floor is low but his ceiling is high so he gets the edge here on Trask.

3.Kyle Trask: Kyle Trask is in a pretty good situation where he gets to learn under Tom Brady and develop. Maybe his ceiling isn’t very high but I don’t believe his floor is terribly low either. Book just gets the edge because of his potential.

4.Davis Mills: I wish Davis Mills was put in a position to succeed, if he was he might have been number one on this list but I just know the Texans are going to ruin him and will give him no time to develop. I hope I’m wrong.