5 Training Camp battles across the NFL

We’re a week into training camp’s beginning, and camp battles are just starting to get underway. With preseason going from 4 games to 3, some players on the lower end of the roster have less time to show coaching staff’s that they have the talent to make the team. If that’s the case, some rebuilding/younger teams may be more inclined to keep the young talent.

  1. New England Patriots QBs: Mac Jones vs Cam Newton. The Patriots re-signed Cam Newton to an incentives-based deal. After that, the Patriots drafted Mac Jones to compete for the starting job. Both QBs have been doing well in practice, with Cam taking the early lead with today’s practice. The Patriots drafted Jones with the assumption that he would have to take a year or so to develop, and that may end up being the case; with Newton being the bridge QB.
  2. San Fransisco 49ers QBs: Jimmy Garoppolo vs Trey Lance. The 49ers took the QB with one of the biggest upsides in Trey Lance with the 3rd pick, and it seemed to everyone that they would restart, at least at QB. The Niners have the roster to compete, if they can stay healthy with a competent QB, they could come back to their former Super Bowl days.
  3. New York Jets WRs: Keelan Cole/Jamison Crowder vs Elijah Moore. The Jets drafted one of the best receivers in this class in the 2nd round. One possible situation would be the Jets starting Moore in the slot with Keelan Cole (who has been playing exceedingly well so far), and Corey Davis outside. If so, that would leave Jamison Crowder as the odd man out, which would save the team $5.3M in cap space by trading him.
  4. Denver Broncos QBs: Drew Lock vs Teddy Bridgewater. The Broncos are looking to upstart their QBs after acquiring Teddy Bridgewater via trade. After a down season by Drew Lock & the Broncos offense, they are looking for anything to help take them to the next level. If things don’t work out this season, a rebuild could be on the horizon.
  5. Buffalo Bills CB2: Levi Wallace vs Dane Jackson. CB Levi Wallace had his highs and lows of the 2020 season, with Wallace having some issues covering physical receivers (ie DeVante Parker), some fans have been calling for Dane Jackson to start over him. Jackson showed flashes of potential last season, totaling 1 INT, and allowing 13 receptions, 6 PBUs, and 2 TDs on 24 targets.

HM: Jets RBs: Tevin Coleman vs Michael Carter II.