Receiving Yard Leaders for Every Division

In the grand scheme of things stats don’t matter, wins do. We would all be lying if we said we didn’t care about stats however. In this series we will be looking at the statistical leaders of each division in the NFL. For this article we’ll take a look at wide receivers and tight ends. Receiving leaders in the NFL must be extremely talented themselves, and they must have an extremely talented quarterback to get the ball out to them. Without further adieu, let’s get into it.

AFC North: WR Ja’Marr Chase- Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals spent a top five pick on Ja’Marr Chase in the hopes that he and quarterback Joe Burrow can recapture the magic from 2019. Of all the receivers in the AFC North Ja’Marr Chase has the most raw talent and has the most potential to lead the division in receiving yards. If Ja’Marr can overcome his preseason struggles and rebuild his connection with Burrow, then we could see this top five product put up some numbers immediately.

Ja’Marr Chase Receiving Projection: 1,273 Yards

AFC South: WR A.J. Brown- Tennessee Titans

Even with Julio Jones in town, I think Brown is going to post bigger numbers than Julio. Brown is a big play threat and has incredible run after catch abilities. I could see a little more passing in Nashville this year and Brown would be a direct beneficiary.

A.J. Brown Receiving Projection: 1,291 Yards

AFC East: WR Stefon Diggs- Buffalo Bills

In my opinion Diggs was the best receiver in the NFL last year and I think he continues his reign of terror over the East. Diggs and Josh Allen have arguably the best chemistry of any duo in the league and I don’t see that changing as they go in to year two on the same team. Stefon Diggs is an incredible route runner and is a playmaker at all levels of the field.

Stefon Diggs Receiving Projection: 1,671 Yards

AFC West: TE Travis Kelce- Kansas City Chiefs

The only non wide receiver on the list is KC’s own Travis Kelce. Travis is the ultimate run after catch security blanket and will continue to be the best tight end in the league as Kansas City tries to get back to the Bowl. I’m giving Kelce the edge over Tyreek Hill because I think Kelce will get more touches.

Travis Kelce Receiving Projection: 1,322 Yards

NFC North: WR Davante Adams- Green Bay Packers

DaVante Adams was an absolute monster last season. He has great route running abilities, incredible hands, and is one of the best red zone threats in the league. I think that in Aaron Rodgers’ last season in Green Bay and in DaVante Adams’ contract year, we could see the best we’ve seen yet of Adams.

DaVante Adams Receiving Projection: 1,412 Yards

NFC South: WR Calvin Ridley- Atlanta Falcons

With the departure of Julio Jones and with Michael Thomas not playing a full season, I expect Ridley to take the receiving crown this year. Calvin is a talented deep threat who runs incredible routes and has a surprisingly large catch radius. With Kyle Pitts spreading out the defense underneath, I expect a ton of big plays to Ridley this year.

Calvin Ridley Receiving Projection: 1,278 Yards

NFC East: WR CeeDee Lamb- Dallas Cowboys

This was a tough choice between Lamb and his teammate Amari Cooper. I ultimately gave CeeDee Lamb the edge because I think that he is one of the most talented wide receivers in the NFL. CeeDee’s catch radius is absolutely ridiculous and he has an innate ability to separate at all levels of the field. This is going to be a big breakout season for Lamb.

CeeDee Lamb Receiving Projection: 1,196 Yards

NFC West: WR DeAndre Hopkins- Arizona Cardinals

In a season where expectations are high for the Cardinals, we are going to need to see a big year from D-Hop. With A.J. Green, Christian Kirk, and Rondale Moore surrounding Hopkins, he is going to get plenty of one on ones and we already know that Kyler Murray trusts him to go up and get it. Hopkins is still in his prime and if the Cardinals are going to go anywhere this year, they are going to have to rely on him.

DeAndre Hopkins Receiving Projection: 1,318 Yards