NFL Takeaways: Week 1

Week one of the NFL was a blessing for all. So many games, a lot of surprises, and a great ending, we are all eager for week 2. Football has a way of bringing people together, and after so long away from it, we are all just glad it’s finally here. In this series, I will be giving a small recap of all games and what we learned from them.

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Cowboys @ Bucs : Tom Brady is still very much that guy and Antonio Brown might actually be back. Dak Prescott also showed that he’s feeling great after absolutely BALLING this game. Cowboys might actually be solid.

Seahawks @ Colts : Russ starts off great… again but how consistent can it be? Wentz on paper did really well but the team has no hope if its top receivers in terms of yards are their running backs…

Jaguars @ Texans : Welcome to the NFL Trevor, way to pass the ball to whoever is open… on both teams. The Texans actually won a game after weeks of people saying they’d be lucky to even get one at all. Who woulda thought they’d be on top of the division?

Eagles @ Falcons : The Eagles are the only NFC East team to win this week, behind a solid team effort with a nice debut for DeVonta Smith. Falcons, we know y’all lost Julio and Kanye rented your building for a bit but what the actual heck. But hey, at least Mike Davis was a solid offseason pick-up.

Chargers @ The Football Team : Herbert might’ve only thrown for a TD in this game, but he truly is the real deal. Keenan and Mike Williams look like a top WR duo too. For Washington, it’s all best wishes to Fitz and applause to Heinicke for his efforts to will the team back. Something tells me a new QB is on the horizon though.

Steelers @ Bills : TJ Watt is putting in an early bid for DPOY behind a 2-sack effort. The Steelers’ offense looked a bit stale in the first but they got it done in the 4th. The Bills were heavy favorites in this game and were up 10 at half, but they got too ahead of themselves and got outscored 23-6 after. Not gonna be enough against the Chiefs if they have any hopes for Super Bowl dreams.

49ers @ Lions : Much like the Bills, the Niners were heavy favorites to beat Detroit and were up nicely at half. Unlike Buffalo, they actually managed to win despite a close call. For a team that no one cared for coming into the season, the Lions did really well to fight and that’s an encouraging sign.

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Vikings @ Bengals : One of the most overlooked games quickly became one of the best, so much so that it had to go to OT, the first of the season! Kirk did well but it wasn’t enough. Joe looks great and Ja’Marr Chase silences those who questioned his hands.

Jets @ Panthers : Darnold’s revenge game went well and CMC proved he’s ready to be THE guy in Carolina again. Their defense was also great and made it a lot harder for rookie Zach Wilson to do much for New York. Wilson looked nice, but his line really sold for most of the game.

Cardinals @ Titans : What a game from Kyler Murray and company. He had 4 passing TDs, one rushing, and looked really comfortable out there. The Titans O-line was ATROCIOUS, allowing 6 sacks, limiting Tannehill and Derrick Henry’s presence in the game. Still not buying in on Arizona though…

Browns @ Chiefs : Much like a lot of other games this week, the Browns were victims to a bad second half. Baker threw for a lot of yards but he had no TD passes. They allowed Mahomes and his Chiefs to score 23 points in the second half after holding a solid lead. Mahomes played how we all expect him to play, but they need to find their rhythm early because other teams might not be as forgiving.

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Dolphins @ Patriots : In the battle of former Alabama QBs, I can’t help but get eager to see what else Mac Jones can do. Tua played decently, and his defense still looks rather good. Mac Jones, however, looked the more comfortable QB despite losing by a point. I sincerely think that with a proven WR1, New England has a serious contender.

Broncos @ Giants : Teddy played a game that proved why he was selected as QB1, making smart passes and solid plays. For the Giants, it’s a different story. They have a really solid WR core to go with a great tight end, but Shepherd’s TD, they couldn’t do much. But hey, at least Saquon is back to playing football.

Packers @ Saints : Man, I don’t think I have ever seen an elite talent so uninterested in his sport, and his team. To say Aaron Rodgers cared would be a lie because it’s obvious he doesn’t care about Green Bay at all. It was probably the most selfish and annoying thing I’ve seen in the NFL in a while. When you’re a captain and leader of a team, you stick it out through thick and thin no matter what. If you hate your front office don’t take it out on your teammates who look up to you. As for the Saints, Jameis managed to throw 5 TDs in under 150 yards, but his postgame interview made it a lot better. New Orleans was a big surprise for sure.

Bears @ Rams : That Bears defense looked great in some parts of the game, and really confused in other parts of it. I don’t think Andy Dalton is going to be a guy to get you wins and genuinely believe this team needs a spark, so until Fields starts I don’t think anyone expects much. For LA, Stafford is a revelation. He just fits their team so much, giving veteran leadership while being an elite QB. That defense with this offense? Too early to pick an NFC favorite?

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Ravens @ Raiders : If Bruce Buffer is introducing the teams like it’s a UFC title fight, it better be a good game. AND WHAT A GAME IT WAS. After all the unfortunate injuries the Ravens were plagued with, I didn’t think they could manage. Lamar did it all for his team, and for that, I got to tilt my hat, but these Raiders did not care. Derek Carr made a lot of questionable decisions, but the late game he really turned a switch. Both teams gave us a thriller and even spoiled us with OT, a perfect way to end week 1.