3 Sleeper Wide Receivers in the NFL Draft

This year’s wide receiver draft class is deep. It is arguably one of the best draft classes of this decade. With this being said, there is a lot of talent going unnoticed, so today we are going to highlight those players who could blossom into stars.

To qualify for a sleeper pick, their projected pick must be in the 3rd round or later.

Tyler Johnson

Johnson’s last two seasons at Minnesota resulted in immense and consistent production. He is a ball-winner and is great at high-pointing the ball in the air while making mid-air adjustments if necessary. He wins the majority of 50-50 balls thrown his way, creates leverage against leverage without being quick off the line of scrimmage, but overall, just a go get it to type receiver that will always fight for the football. Johnson doesn’t have great burst/acceleration during and after routes and leaves much to be desired after the catch. Drops are also an issue.

KJ Hill

KJ Hill is one of the best route runners in this draft class. The elite production wasn’t there at Ohio State, but he was their most reliable and consistent receiver. He runs the underneath route tree better than anyone in the draft. Even though he doesn’t have blazing speed, his footwork is elite and he understands how to use leverage to get open. He had a strong Senior Bowl only losing one of his 1-on-1 reps, showing his elite route running. He also is the leading reception leader at Ohio State University. However, his speed is underwhelming and he is not the best for making plays after the catch.

Antonio Gandy-Golden

Gandy-Golden ranked top 5 in receiving yards his senior season when he had 1396 yards to go along with 79 receptions and 10 touchdowns. AGG is a physical receiver who has a big catch radius and wins the majority of his 50-50 battles. He is sneaky fast and can make the defender miss in the open field, he’s great at finding the soft spot in zone coverage and sitting in between defenders to make the catch. He is also agile for his height, which helps him create space of the press release. However, drops have been a problem and his route timing is inconsistent (struggles on double moves).


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