Jackson’s Week 21 NHL Power Rankings

Week 21 Power Rankings

  1. San Jose Sharks 

Record: 24-25-7

Last Week: 23

The Sharks dropped three straight games, the hot start at the beginning of the year seems to mean nothing now. Welcome to the 32nd club Sharks. 

  1. Seattle Kraken 

Record: 17-36-5

Last Week: 30

The Kraken has only one win in their last ten games, Seattle did just sign James McCann to five more years, so…yay?

  1. Ottawa Senators 

Record: 19-31-5

Last Week: 25

Five in a row lost, a week after I moved them up, unbelievable and rude. 

  1. New Jersey Devils 

Record: 20-31-5

Last Week: 29

The Devils seem to be gearing up for being a seller at the deadline, some names may be on the move soon. 

  1. Philadelphia Flyers

Record: 17-28-10

Last Week: 28

2-10-0 is the record for the Flyers in the past ten games, so obviously things are not too bright in Philly.

  1. Arizona Coyotes 

Record: 14-35-4

Last Week: 32

The Coyotes beat the Avalanche and scored 8 goals vs the Senators, so I am forced to move them up on my Week 21 Power Rankings. 

  1. Chicago Blackhawks 

Record: 20-29-8

Last week: 26

The Blackhawks have a chance to be big-time sellers at the deadline, whether that includes Hagel, Debrincat, or Fleury, or hey let’s add Kane to this list  

  1. Buffalo Sabres  

Record: 18-32-8

Last Week: 30

The Sabres had a couple of big wins against the Leafs and Wild but ended the week getting shut out. 

  1. New York Islanders 

Record: 20-21-8

Last Week: 24

The Islanders are an older, slower(other than Barzal of course) team that is now not only boring but. Just simply not good. 

  1. Detroit Red Wings 

Record: 24-26-6

Last Week: 22

The Red Wings slumped this last week but the Calder favorite had a huge week, he rode an eight-game point streak into Flordia. 

  1. Montreal Canadiens 

Record: 15-34-7

Last Week: 27 

The Canadiens look like they just needed new leadership because they have now not lost in a week and you have to think it is because of the new coaching. 

  1. Winnipeg Jets 

Record: 24-22-10

Last Week: 21

The Jets are another bad week away from being under .500, not something they are used to certainly. 

  1. Anaheim Ducks 

Record 27-22-9 

Last Week: 19

The Ducks have been free-falling since the all-star week and now are slipping from a playoff spot. 

  1. Columbus Blue Jackets  

Record: 28-26-3

Last Week: 20

The Blue Jackets had a hard-fought week resulting in all losses but they did get a couple of points in the battle. 

  1. Edmonton Oilers  

Record: 30-23-4

Last Week: 16

The Oilers had yet another bad week, losing two games. I am not sure what to think of this team anymore, so down you go on this Week 21 Power Rankings.  

  1. Vancouver Canucks 

Record: 28-23-6

Last Week: 18

The Canucks have heard and gotten very sick of all of the rumors surrounding trades with the team, they have turned those feelings into wins. The Canucks are doing everything they can to get themselves back into the playoff talk. 

  1. Washington Capitals 

Record: 30-23-9 

Last Week: 14

The Capitals got their goalie back and it has brought good results for the struggling team. 

  1. Nashville Predators 

Record: 31-20-4

Last Week: 14

The Predators need to keep the momentum of their 8-0 win over the Sharks if they want to get into the playoffs.

  1. Las Vegas Golden Knights

Record: 32-21-4

Last Week 15

The Golden Knights were talked about missing the playoffs for the first time in franchise history and took that personal, they had a good week. 

  1. St. Louis Blues 

Record: 32-16-7

Last Week: 9

The Blues have now fallen this last week, picking up one point in their last three games. They have had the chance to move up the standings with some teams falling, yet they themselves have been falling. The Blues are forcing me to move them down in this Week 21 Power Rankings. 

  1. Minnesota Wild 

Record: 31-17-3

Last Week: 7

 A HUGE issue right now is their goaltending, I would say confidently it is 60/40 goaltending being the issue these past 10 games.  

  1. Los Angeles Kings 

Record: 29-19-7

Last Week: 11

The Kings had a bumpy week, but they are still a hot team in the league.

  1. Boston Bruins

Record: 34-18-5

Last Week: 10

The Bruins are playing well and taking advantage of the Leaf’s slow week as they are now inching closer to them in the Atlantic Division. 

  1. Dallas Stars 

Record: 32-20-3

Last Week: 13

After being able to watch the Stars in action live I can confidently say Jason Robertson is a stud.

He singlehandedly dismantled the Wild in the second period, oh and he also had back-to-back hattricks. 

  1. Toronto Maple Leafs 

Record: 36-16-4

Last Week: 6

The Leafs now own a bottom five goaltending duo in the league, so the week they just had shows a big reason why. 

  1. Pittsburgh Penguins 

Record: 34-14-9

Last Week: 7

The Penguins had a good week, defeating the former champs. Crosby has been a large part of that lately, the success that is, netting 20 points in his last 14 games. 

  1. New York Rangers

Record: 33-15-5

Last Week: 3

Igor Shesterkin is not only in the Vezina conversation but also the Hart trophy talk now, when you have an SV% anywhere around 0.94 around this time in the season it is due. 

  1. Tampa Bay Lighting 

Record: 37-12-6

Last Week: 5

The Lightning may have a Norris candidate as well in Victor Hedman who notched his 56th Point on the year, which is a career-best since 2017-18. 

  1. Carolina Hurricanes 

Record: 39-12-5

Last Week: 3

The Hurricanes are feeling good after a 2-0-0 week, two close games, but no less two wins are two wins. 

  1. Florida Panthers 

Record: 38-13-5 

Last Week 4

The Panthers had a bounce-back week after going through a small slump. The Panthers may still be my favorites going into the postseason, but their inconsistency may scare me off. 

  1.   Calgary Flames 

Record: 34-14-7

Last Week: 2

The Flames have maybe the best top line in hockey, a line that has engineered them to be a dominant force. The Flames are a team that can sustain a pace like this if all factors continue to succeed.   

  1. Colorado Avalanche

Record: 41-11-5

Last Week: 1

The Avalanche have possibly one of the best offensive defensemen in the last decade, his pure skating and speed are so exciting but add his IQ, skill, shot, you could say he’s perfect. 

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