5 Dark Horse Super Bowl Contenders

1 – LA Rams

After the 2019 Super Bowl loss to New England, the Rams have been looking to bounce back. With new QB Matt Stafford, the Rams Super Bowl window is right now. They still have a good Defense with Donald and Ramsey, but now they’ve added a very good QB with some weapons around him. I love the addition of Tutu Atwell in the Draft and should give Stafford another good deep threat along with Woods and Kupp. The defense is still just as scary with Donald and Ramsey. Hopefully McVay and Stafford to a Super Bowl that they’ve been waiting for. I can defiantly see the Rams winning the NFC West even though its a very hard division.

2 – Denver Broncos

I see Denver as playoff contenders even without Rodgers, but if they add him they could very well take down the Chiefs. Their secondary is unreal with Simmons, Jackson, Fuller, Darby, Callahan, and rookies Surtain and Sterns. They still have players in Chubb, Harris, Jewell, and Von if he comes back like how he was before injury. They have a legit defense and I think they will finish as a top 3 defense this year. On the Offense they still have weapons like Sutton, Jeudy, Patrick, Hamler, Williams, Gordon, and Fant. They have one of the most complete teams in the league, but I just don’t see them going anywhere with Lock at QB. If they’re able to trade for Rodgers they could be hosting the Lombardi when it’s all said and done.

3 – Cleveland Browns

With arguably the best draft in the league, Cleveland could end the Super Bowl curse. With outstanding defensive rookies coming in, they should be a team to watch out for. They have one of the best O-lines in football so Baker should be able to improve and take Cleveland to the next level. They have a very dangerous offense and we saw that last year. OBJ will be coming back this year, even though him and Baker didn’t mix well he is still a good WR and should help their offense. Baltimore are the only threats in the division to them and I think with Stefanski and Baker in their 2nd year together they should be able to make a very dangerous team. I love this team and I see them winning the AFC North this year.

4 – Miami Dolphins 

After the Draft the Dolphins now have a very complete team and have no excuses this year. This team is a playoff contender if Tua proves us wrong and steps it up. Tua now has Fuller, Waddle, and Parker so he isn’t lacking help if he doesn’t succeed it’s his own fault. They now have a good D-line as well with the Phillips pick so they should be able to hold their own on defense. They have a young and developing secondary but Igbinoghene needs to prove he was worth the 1st round pick in 2020 and show us he can really play. If this young team steps up and can beat the bills in the AFC East they can make a dangerous playoff run. 

5 – Arizona Cardinals 

Arizona has everything in place for them to shock everyone in 2021. Giving Kyler another year should boost their passing game a ton with D-Hop, Kirk, Green, and now Moore. They didn’t have the best draft but hopefully Zaven Collins can prove us wrong so him and Simmons can become a nasty LB duo. Simmons wasn’t all he was hyped up to be last year but now with Jones coming back from injury and Watt coming in we will see how good he can really be. Their O-line still worries me but with Kylers mobility it shouldn’t ruin their chances. I love the Cardinals this year but the Division is going to be very hard to make it out of. I definitely see them getting top 2 in the NFC West if they aren’t able to win it. 

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