Aaron Rodgers Drama; where could he end up?

Aaron Rodgers trade rumors started heating up during the draft, with Adam Schefter reporting that Rodgers has told many players around the team that he does not want to return. Well with that, we will look at a few possible destinations for the future HOFer.

  1. Denver Broncos. The Broncos have the offense built, they just have to find their QB to lead them to the promised land. Drew Lock hasn’t worked out there, they just traded for Teddy Bridgewater, and restructured his contract to a 1 year deal. So after this year, they won’t have a lot of options on their roster, and in comes Rodgers. Denver would be smart to pair these offensive weapons with an elite QB, and should have the draft capital to make it work.
  2. Las Vegas Raiders. The Raiders seem to be involved in QB rumors every year, and this year it’s started to heat up. The Raiders have the firepower on offense to make the dream come true, and could use Carr as trade bait to flip some draft picks as well. Vegas seems to have no direction in where they want to go, build for the future, or load up on talent to contend now. They have the roster to contend, but with Mayock & Gruden there, would he be content with making the trip to sin city?
  3. Washington … : Well, this is a team that could use him for the future, along with our next team. Washington is slowly starting to build an offense, and could use a QB to put them over the top. Last year they won the division (not an accomplishment), and got to the wildcard all with multiple different QBs. Pairing Rodgers with Terry McLaurin, Curtis Samuel, and Antonio Gibson would be a tremendous upgrade.
  4. NY Giants. The Giants have built a deep WR core to go along with Evan Engram & Saquon Barkley. However, they won’t be able to go far until they land a QB. And without taking one in the draft, the Giants are left with very few options. The question would be, would Aaron Rodgers allow a trade to NY and face the brutal media? He could always pick up his things & retire any day if he doesn’t find a situation he likes.

A post 6/1 trade would save Green Bay $16M while creating $21M in dead cap. This issue leaves Green Bay in a very bad situation. They just drafted Jordan love last year, would they be open to going to him & get everything they can for Rodgers? Seems like a Brett Favre incident all over again.

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