Best Landing Spots for Aaron Rodgers

Well, we’re onto year three of Aaron Rodgers trade talk. Will he be traded, will he retire, or will he remain with Green Bay? The world may need to know…at least not yet. While golfing at the PGA Pro-Am, Rodgers admitted in an interview that the Green Bay Packers have had talks about him and that he’s been left out of those talks. If that’s true, Rodgers could force a decision here soon. And he may decide to reunite with his former teammate DaVante Adams in Las Vegas when they move on from Derek Carr. So where does he get traded to?

Las Vegas Raiders- Rodgers and Adams Reunite

The Raiders will be in need of a QB this off-season after allowing Derek Carr to search for a new team as long as the teams have agreed to compensation, according to Adam Schefter. DeVante Adams has been hinting at a reunion with his old QB on Twitter, and it would make sense for both sides. The Raiders are still in win-now mode and adding a former SB-winning QB, and MVP in Aaron Rodgers may be what this team needs to put them over the top. On the other hand, an Adams, Darren Waller, and Hunter Renfrow trio would be the best weapons Rodgers has had in a while, and possibly ever.


New York Jets- Rodgers replaces Wilson

It seems as if the Jets are done with Zach Wilson, at least as a starter. Now, the Jets have been linked to multiple QBs recently, those being Aaron Rodgers, Derek Carr, and Jimmy Garoppolo. The Jets roster seems to be just a QB away from going back to the playoffs. And much like the Raiders, the Jets’ weapons will be the best Rodgers has had to throw to. The Jets have the draft picks to facilitate an Aaron Rodgers deal, with six draft picks. However, you can’t say the same about their salary cap, with just $1.3M in the cookie jar. The Jets will have to move around some money to make a trade work, but considering they’re in win-now mode, that shouldn’t be a big deal for them.

And before anybody asks, no Rodgers is not going to San Fransisco. Rodgers said at the Pro-Am that the 49ers are one team he’s not going to.

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