Bradley Beal Is The Missing Link

Unfortunately, we live in an NBA that relies on superteams. Small market clubs get their homegrown talent poached at some point, and the player goes to a big market. Bradley Beal is that homegrown talent, and the Washington Wizards aren’t exactly a small market team, but they’re nowhere near being competitive. Here are some teams that need his services.

Golden State Warriors

This was one of Beal’s preferred locations if he were to be traded. If the Warriors and Bob Meyers were willing to pony up and get Beal, they are officially back. Get Andrew Wiggins out of San Francisco. That phase of the Warriors is done. Once Klay Thompson hopefully comes back, the Warriors need another threat to really compete. With Steph Curry playing at the level he currently is, and a returning Thompson, Beal can easily slide in and be the third option, with the ability to explode when needed. At age 27, Beal still has his best to come and can be a player the Warriors can use to return to dominance. Another element that would help in Golden State is Beal’s defense. Pair him with Draymond Green, who can guard anybody then you get Beal, who’s averaged at least one steal a game for most of his career.

What intrigues me most about Beal in Golden State is he adds a scorer that doesn’t need to kill you from three. Beal can hit the deep ball occasionally, but that’s not where he’s going to make his money. Since the 2014-2015 season, Big Panda has shot at least 48 percent from inside the three-point line. That type of scoring versatility is something the Warriors need to rise back up in the Western Conference. Oh, and adding the guy Steph Curry beat out for the scoring title last season is a neat fact.

Boston Celtics

I feel like, after the Kemba Walker, and Kyrie Irving debacle, Celtic fans would be wary of making a move like this. Even though he isn’t a point guard, Beal is still a star, who Boston would have to give up a lot for. Beal would be different, it wouldn’t be like Boston to give up a ton of assets for a likely third option, but this is a winning move. Brown and Tatum, I feel have peaked as a duo. The two will need another big-time player if they want a ring. We saw the impact Evan Fournier had when playing for Boston. Just imagine a much better version of Fournier, for them. I like Beal in Boston, for the same reasons as Golden State. Bradley Beal and Jayson Tatum both grew up in the St. Louis area, so the two already have a connection.

What’s interesting about Bradley Beal and the Celtics, is they might not even need him. Yet, they’ve been linked to him and many other shooting guards this offseason. Like every team that wants Beal’s services, money is the issue. I don’t think they’d want to include Brown, so their hands may be tied. If Boston was able to figure that out, Beal’s a great first target. Beal also averages 23.8 in the playoffs and could be big for them that time of year. Contrary to what I said about Beal and the Warriors, I feel like Boston and its fans wouldn’t be satisfied with his defense. Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum are very good at both ends, so adding Beal may stunt their growth on the defensive end.

Philadelphia 76ers

The third team for this list was the only one I had to really think about. The final team was either going to be the Denver Nuggets or the team I selected which is the 76ers. Like Tatum and Brown, Embiid and Simmons have hit their peak together and then some. Unlike the Celtics, the 76ers duo’s sustainability has been in doubt. Ben Simmons likely would be included in this deal, and it immediately makes Philadelphia better. Beal has a Jimmy Butler-esque quality to him. I feel like Philly would unleash that in Bradley. Beal has always been the number two option, and this wouldn’t be any different. Embiid would easily be Beal’s best teammate, and the two would work.

With Bradley Beal in place of Simmons in terms of a partner for Embiid, you actually get somebody who’ll shoot the ball, and not have the focus only on Embiid. Since Jimmy Butler left, we’ve heard fans clamor that they needed him to stay. Tobias Harris isn’t and shouldn’t be the second option on a championship team. That responsibility shouldn’t be on him. With Beal, he steps in, gives you another player who actually shoots, and a real second option. With a generational talent like Joel Embiid, you need him to have a worthy partner, look no further than Real Deal Beal.

#FreeBradleyBeal took a momentary pause during the season, then again recently after Russell Westbrook got dealt, but this train won’t stay at the station forever. I’d say there’s less than 25 percent the Wizards resign him after his deals up, so they have to deal him while the values there.

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