Chris Olave Scouting Report

When you think about consistency, leadership, and production, you should think of Chris Olave. The Buckeye sensation made a mockery of Big Ten defenses for his entire collegiate career and he first made a name for himself as a gunner on the punt return unit, where he blocked two punts, one of those against the rival Michigan Wolverines. His route running is among the best I have ever seen out of a college prospect, and should help him to get open and around bigger cornerbacks. His football IQ and experience will make him fluent in any scheme, and his ability to play both inside and outside makes him an enticing pick and he is likely to find a home in the first round of the upcoming draft. While his frame may make teams a little weary, he has proved plenty of times that his blazing speed and ball skills make up for his smaller size and frame. The physicality at the NFL level will make it hard for Olave, but I love his playstyle and character and he will make a team very happy as soon as he adjusts to the level of physicality at the NFL level.

Measurements and Info

Position: Outside and slot wide receiver

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 188 lbs

Year In College: Senior


Extremely smooth route running will make him a tough guy to stay with and a quarterback’s best friend. This could lead to him being a target machine, much like he was at Ohio State. Has great instincts off the line and can adjust speed accordingly to position himself well to catch the ball.

Blazing speed makes him a fearsome guy to line up against. You don’t have to watch too much tape before you see him fly by a few corners off the line, and it usually ends in six points. The quickness will make him a weapon for the right offense.

Olave’s talent at the gunner position shows that he can play multiple positions and help special teams units along with offense. He can be utilized as a gunner at the next level and his motor on both special teams and offense should lead to success however a team chooses to use him.


A small frame and a low body weight have scared some teams off. It will take a lot of effort for Olave to get over this hill and find success in the physical NFL. Could get bullied by bigger cornerbacks at times.

Shorter than usual for his position, could make it hard for him to win jump balls. We rarely saw him in jump ball situations in college, so he should not be counted on for this at the next level. Makes his game a little less well rounded.


The decorated Chris Olave averaged over 15 yards per reception in college, and is the owner of the Buckeyes’ all time receiving touchdowns record. That should tell you how much success he’s had, and why I believe he will continue to have success at the NFL level.

Team Fits

New Orleans Saints, Cleveland Browns, Green Bay Packers, Baltimore Ravens

Draft Projection

Most likely not in the top ten, but somewhere in the first round.

Player Comparison

Reminds me of a mix of Will Fuller and Chris Godwin.

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