Cities that need an NFL Franchise

The last time the NFL expanded was in 1995 with the Carolina Panthers & the Jacksonville Jaguars. Fast forward 27 years, and the NFL should look to expand from it’s 32 teams. But what cities should the NFL expand to? Let’s take a look at some.

  • St Louis. Back in 2019-2020, St. Louis owned an XFL franchise, and was selling out their home games, an average of 28,541 tickets sold per game, and the week the league suspended operations, they had sold 60k tickets for that game. When the Rams moved to LA, they suffered a lot of backlash from fans in St. Louis. Now, 6 years later, fans are still dying for a new team to cheer for. If the XFL has shown us anything, it’s that a new team in St. Louis would do the league wonders.
  • Toronto. Toronto has been a city that could get one for years. If the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts leave the CFL like rumors are suggesting, Toronto could be one of the viable cities for an NFL team, especially with most Canadian’s already NFL fans. The Buffalo Bills played a “Toronto series” at the Rogers centre from 2007-2014, which brought up the idea of the Bills moving to Toronto if they were bought by Bon Jovi.
  • Austin, Texas. Even though there are still two other teams in the Texas area, that hasn’t stopped the idea of an NFL team moving there, with the Buffalo Bills using that as leverage to get a new stadium. Texas is a big NFL state, with every college/high school team filling big stadiums. Not to mention. the warm winter weather, with Texas having no state income tax as well.
  • San Diego. The old Chargers stadium, Qualcomm Stadium, would fit 70k people, and would sell out quite often before being demolished. The Chargers moving from San Diego was quite the culture shock for every fan in the San Diego area, and a new team in that area would be great for the city & the league, seeing as San Diego is a big tourism spot.

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