Daniel’s Dilemma – Giants QB Situation

Big Blue ended the season with another disappointing 4-12 finish. The team hopes to get a lot better in the 2020 regular season, but unfortunately for them, they will have to move forward with their rebuild without veteran quarterback Eli Manning.

Manning was replaced by Daniel Jones last year, who now will take the starting role, assuming they will stick with Jones. But every rookie needs a mentor. Here are some potential quarterbacks that can help Jones develop, and take over if needed.

Phillip Rivers (Los Angeles Chargers)
The Chargers decided it was best to part ways with their veteran quarterback. Despite Rivers never making it to the Super Bowl in his career, he is still one of the best in the league. He’s been pretty consistent throughout his time with the Chargers.

Even though he’s not the most reliable quarterback in the final minutes of games, his knowledge of the game can further help Jones to become a solid quarterback. Plus, Rivers does have a past history with New York. Remember, he was drafted to the Giants in 2004, but traded to the Chargers. This could be a little reunion with the player they drafted and never stepped foot on a Giants practice field.

Teddy Bridgewater (New Orleans Saints)
It’s unclear who is going to be under center for the Saints because it’s too early in the offseason. Bridgewater broke out this year after taking over for an injured Drew Brees for five games. Did I mention he won them all? He’s proven again that he is a starting-caliber quarterback. The Giants can use a player like Bridgewater because of his experiences and who he has been learning from: Drew Brees.

Like Jones, Bridgewater is also mobile. Head Coach Joe Judge could draw up some wildcat plays and make the Giants offense more fast paced and fun to watch. The same goes for Bridgewater, like Rivers. The Giants could make Bridgewater the starting quarterback for a couple games and let Jones learn more from a quarterback with a similar playing style.

Marcus Mariota (Tennessee Titans)
Tennessee will likely move on from Mariota this offseason and keep Ryan Tannehill as their starting quarterback. Mariota was benched in Week 6 in a move that changed their season and identity. He needs to prove that he is the quarterback he was said to be, and he could do that in New York.

Mariota also has the ability to run and make plays with his legs. Jones would be able to learn from him as well to build up his ground game. Mariota is a solid option to backup or even replace Jones for the starting job.

Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints)
Like mentioned before, the quarterback situation in New Orleans is still too unclear. Jones would definitely benefit from a veteran like Drew Brees. He’s a first ballot Hall-of-Famer who has some of the best skills the game has ever seen. Brees has also been surrounded by talent in all positions of the offense, which is not the case in New York.

Even though this move is unlikely to happen, considering the Saints will probably bring him back, it would definitely benefit Jones. If Brees were to retire this year or in the next couple of years, maybe Brees could find himself a spot on a coaching staff.

Tom Brady (New England Patriots)
How cool would it be for a kid like Daniel Jones, who was criticized all year, to learn from a quarterback everyone thought would be nothing? Brady would be the ultimate mentor for Jones. Even though Brady isn’t mobile, he is everything else. Terrific Tom has been through it all with New England and is mentored by arguably the greatest coach of all time.

This move is probably the most unlikely of the options, but Jones would really benefit from having a guy like Brady around. If Brady were to retire this year or in the upcoming years, there might be some teams interested in using his knowledge of the game along with handing the G.O.A.T. a headset and a playbook.

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