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Davis Mills is one of the least discussed quarterback prospects in the 2021 NFL Draft, but his lack of media attention should not sway you away from this toolsy field general. Mills, out of Stanford, has prototypical size and skills to become a great NFL QB, and he remains one of the draft’s best kept secrets. This scouting report goes over Davis Mills’ measurables, stats, pros, cons, consensus overview, NFL comparison, and overall prospect grade.

Davis Mills Stats and Measurables

Position: QB

College: Stanford

Class: Senior

Height: 6’4″

Weight: 225 lbs

2019 Stats

Passing: 1960 YDS / 65.6 Comp % / 11 TD / 5 INT

Rushing: 32 ATT / 1.4 AVG / 47 YDS

2020 Stats (5 Games)

Passing: 1508 YDS / 66.2 Comp % / 7 TD / 3 INT

Rushing: 30 ATT / 37 YDS / 1.2 AVG / 3 TD


  1. Prototypical QB Size: Davis Mills is the size that most people make their quarterback in career mode. Standing at 6’4″ and 225 lbs, Davis Mills meets all the requirements physically to be an NFL quarterback. His size will favor with teams who experience cold and windy weather, and even if he is not a top talent in the league, he can be a backup in the league for a long time.
  2. Mechanics: Davis Mills has some of the best mechanics I have seen in this draft pool. His lower body is spaced perfectly, and he really leans into the throw adding an extra bit of velocity. His upper body mechanics are great as well, as his release is smooth, well placed, and wide enough, but not too wide. There will be little mechanical issues to fix for Mills, inside the pocket and outside of it.
  3. Touch: Mills has a great touch on the ball, meaning he can make all the finesse throws. He can loft it perfectly over the defender, and he can place it perfectly to the sideline over the top, the only issue is his consistency. If Davis can fix his consistency issues, he can and will be an effective passer in the NFL.
  4. Arm Strength: Davis Mills has a surprisingly strong arm. When stepping up in the pocket, he can deliver a laser over the middle. Outside of the pocket, he can fling the ball with a flick of his wrist. Physical traits will never be an issue for this former five star quarterback. He has all the tools to be great, but the question is can he put it all together?
  5. Athletic (Enough): Davis Mills can and should be identified as a pocket passer, but he can execute a few quarterback runs. He is surprisingly fast at times, and athletic enough to shake off a defender or two and deliver a strike. Davis should not be asked to be a Patrick Mahomes or a Josh Allen, but has similar athleticism to Matthew Stafford.


  1. Ball Placement: As great of an arm as Mills has, his ball placement can be shaky. On pressured throws, or throws in general, he tends to put the ball too high or too low for the receiver, either resulting a drop or loss of YAC. Mills has the ability to place it well, as you can see him do it on tape, but the issue is consistency with those throws.
  2. Consistency: This is the biggest issue for Davis Mills, and what really pushes him out of the top 5 quarterback conversation. Davis has all the talent and mechanics in the world, but his consistency is just not there. In one quarter he can look like the next All-Pro, but in the very next quarter he can look un-draft able. Davis needs to fins some consistency to last in the NFL, as a starter or as a backup.
  3. Decision Making: This is once again a topic that is dependent on consistency. At times, Mills makes decisive throws that seem to be the right throws, but at other times he can make boneheaded decisions that severely hurt his team. This is an issue that can be cleaned up by a good QB coach, along side sitting for an extended period of time. If Davis can halt these consistency issues, he has a shot to become great.

Consensus: Alongside Trey Lance, Davis Mills is one of the biggest mysteries in the 2021 NFL Draft. His arm strength, size, athleticism, and pure talent is without question, but his issues with consistency and decision making tank his prospect grade. If put in the right system, like San Francisco, LA Rams, and New England Patriots, with time to sit, he can become truly special. His value comes with how he can develop, and for that reason I see him as a 4-6th round pick. If a team can develop Mills the right way, the sky is the limit.

NFL Comp: Jimmy Garoppolo

Grade: 74.3

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