Day 3- Undrafted Players That Have HOF Potential

Dylan Moses – Alabama

Dylan Moses was considered a 1st-2nd round talent but his injury problems left him undrafted. No one was expecting Moses to go undrafted after his amazing career at Alabama. He’s a great pass rushing/run stuffing LB and should be great with Jacksonville’s new young roster. Moses should be a stud at the next level and should bring a big impact to the Jags new defense. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a day 1 starter if he stays healthy. 

Marvin Wilson – Florida State

If Wilson declared for the Draft last year he probably would’ve gone in the 1st, but he held off one year and somehow went undrafted. After the Browns cut Sheldon Richardson they were in need of a DT and they got a very good one after the Draft. Wilson had a down year in 2020 after a great 2019 and that really hurt his draft stock. No one was expecting him to go undrafted, I was still expecting to see him go in round 4 or 5. The fact that Cleavland was able to pick up a solid prospect as a UDFA was a huge steal. He should be a solid piece on that line for years. 

Trey Smith – Tennessee 

Like a lot of prospects that fall, Smith fell because of health concerns. After dealing with blood clots in college, Smith scared a lot of teams and a lot of teams probably didn’t even have him on their board. I thought Smith was a 2nd round talent so it’s crazy that he was able to fall to the late 6th round. The Chiefs have gotten a lot of O-line help this offseason with Orlando Brown, Thuney, and Blythe, so Smith may not play at all this season. Whenever Smith does get his time to shine he should make the best of it and make all those teams regret passing on him. 

Ihmir Smith-Marsette – Iowa

The Vikings were in need of a WR3 and got a very solid one in the 4th round. With an aging Thielen and a top heavy WR group, the Vikings needed to boost their passing game. Diggs was drafted in the 5th round by the Vikings in 2015 and Ihmir has said he is trying to be this year’s Stefon Diggs. Hopefully Mond, Ihmir, and Jefferson can be deadly for years to come.

Daviyon Nixon – Iowa

Carolina already had a good young D-line and this turned it from good to great. They now have Derrick Brown, Gross-Matos, Brian Burns, and now Nixon. After Carolina spent all of their draft on defense last year, they now have a very good defense for the future. Nixon was a great run stuffer at Iowa so he and Brown should be deadly on the interior for the next decade. Watch out for the Panthers defense this year because it’s going to be good. 

Caden Sterns – Texas

Denver now has an insane secondary after FA and the Draft. They already have 2 good safeties with Jackson and Simmons but whenever Sterns gets a chance he should perform. It helps Sterns that he would have another great safety beside him and an overall great defense around him. I loved Sterns at Texas and I really think he’s going to be good at the next level.

Bobby Brown – Texas A&M

With Aaron Donald mentoring Brown he should be able to learn a lot. Brown was a great 3-tech at Texas A&M and should bring some good depth to the Rams interior. Whenever Brown gets called up to play he should know exactly what to do after learning from the best. The Rams are going to be dangerous this year and are going to be legit contenders. Hopefully Brown can perform whenever he’s on the field and be great for LA in the future. 

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