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Home of the reigning Super Bowl champs, the Drew Brees-less Saints, the Sam Darnold Panthers, and the new regime Falcons, the NFC South looks much different than it did even a year ago. With two picks in the top ten belonging to NFC South teams and a possible three new starting quarterbacks within the division, the NFC South is going to look much different next year. So let’s take a look at what each team must do to succeed.

Carolina Panthers

Round 1: Pick 8

Round 2: Pick 39

Round 3: Pick 73

Round 4: Pick 113

Round 5: Pick 151

Round 6: Pick 193

Round 6: Pick 222

After going defense in each selection of the 2020 NFL Draft, it is time Rhule and the Panthers give a little love to the offense. Their number one need by far is a new left tackle. I can’t imagine they are actually confident rolling with Cameron Erving at their new blindside blocker for Darnold so thats a must for them. The next biggest need is a tie between tight end and cornerback, they must add a new face to the room at the very least before the start of the season. They’re very weak in those respective positions. Free safety could use a definite upgrade for behind Jeremy Chinn and their nasty new defensive line. Everything looks pretty good other than that.

Best Fit: Rashawn Slater

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Round 1: Pick 32

Round 2: Pick 64

Round 3: Pick 95

Round 4: Pick 137

Round 5: Pick 176

Round 6: Pick 217

Round 7: Pick 251

Round 7: Pick 259

Tom Brady and the 2020 World Champions have eight picks eight picks to work with and need nothing. I am 100% serious they literally have zero needs, not a single one. They should use these eight picks to set up their future and take the all coveted “luxury” picks.

Best Fit: Carlos “Boogie” Basham Jr.

New Orleans Saints

Round 1: Pick 28

Round 2: Pick 60

Round 3: Pick 98

Round 3: Pick 105

Round 4: Pick 133

Round 6: Pick 218

Round 7: Pick 229

Round 7: Pick 255

It’s a new era in New Orleans and Jameis Winston has the reigns to the offense here. The Saints have an extremely talented team but still have a few holes in the depth chart that need to be dealt with. The first of which being cornerback. With Lattimore in a contract year and in the middle of a legal battle and with the release of Janoris Jenkins, the Saints are in need of talented cover men. They also need a wide receiver and badly. They cannot role with Deonte Harris and Tre’Quan Smith opposite Michael Thomas. A side kick for Demario Davis at linebacker would also be nice for them. The Saints lost both Sheldon Rankins and Malcom Brown this offseason so they could really use a 3 tech and a 1 tech for this season. Defensive end is a sneaky need due to the Davenport situation.

Best Fit: Caleb Farley

Atlanta Falcons

Round 1: Pick 4

Round 2: Pick 35

Round 3: Pick 68

Round 4: Pick 108

Round 5: Pick 148

Round 5: Pick 182

Round 5: Pick 183

Round 6: Pick 187

Round 6: Pick 219

It is a new chapter for the Falcons and they hope to make plenty of change in the draft. They might select a new quarterback or a generational talent on offense so the options are all exciting. At the top of their wishlist is a pass rusher and they need one badly. Their pass rush was atrocious in 2020. They also need a cornerback opposite of AJ Terrell in a big way. Either safety spots are also high on the list of needs. On offense, they need a feature running back for Arthur Smith’s scheme. An upgrade at slot receiver would be nice too. Knowing Terry Fontenot is coming from NOLA, I bet they take a page from the Saints’ book and go BPA.

Best Fit: Kyle Pitts

Projected 2021 NFC South Standings

1.Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Many expect the Bucs to repeat as Super Bowl champs after they literally brought back their whole team. They have essentially eight luxury picks in the draft and are only getting better. They should edge the Saints out this year and take the number one spot.

2.New Orleans Saints

A report came out this week that Drew Brees limited the Saints offense last year. They are still one of the best coached teams in the league and are bursting at the seams with talent. I bet Jameis Winston keeps them at least in competition for a wild card spot and they finish second in the division.

3.Carolina Panthers

They Panthers are headed in a great direction under Matt Rhule and are going to compete with Sam Darnold. They’ll have a healthy Christian McCaffery and their young defense now has a year of experience together. They should have some flashes of greatness next season.

4.Atlanta Falcons

New coach, new scheme, terrible defense, I don’t expect the Falcons to be impressing anyone. Maybe a few more wins than last year but they don’t exactly have a sky high trajectory for next year. Not until they make some big time changes on defense.

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