Drake London Scouting Report

Drake London was a dual-sport athlete in high school and received college offers for both sports. You can take one look at him and tell what two sports he played: football and basketball. Standing at a towering 6’5’’, Drake London is the premier jump ball receiver in this class. He is far from one-dimensional though. He found early success as a freshman at USC and averaged almost 100 yards per game in the shortened 2020 season. Wilson picked up right way he left off as he then came out and dominated in 2021. His numbers were out of a video game, as he came out and put up 1084 yards in just 8 games before an injury ended his record-setting season. While shortened seasons in both 2020 and 2021 made it hard to watch a ton of tape, the footage that you can see is unreal at times. Throw a ball in his area, and he will come down with it. He has all the tools to become a premier receiver in the league very quickly, as long as he falls into the right system and has a quarterback that can get the ball to him.

Measurements and Info

Position: Wide receiver

Height: 6’5’’

Weight: 210 lbs

Year In College: Junior


Was a master at getting separation. Used a mixture of speed and his long arms to create outstanding amounts of separation down the sideline and over the middle as well. Makes him a mismatch against smaller cornerbacks at all times.

Can use his good hands and size to come down with balls in the red zone and down the sideline. Could not find many examples of him getting outplayed on jump balls and tight coverage because of his elite size and arm length. He often battled and won double coverage in these situations as well.

A great blocker that takes his job very seriously. He uses his height and arm size to bully corners when blocking. Also known to chip linebackers as well when blocking in the run game. These traits help him in press coverage as well.


Struggles at the line of scrimmage at times. It can take him a little longer than usual to reach top speed and also is a little too upright when the ball is snapped. His size makes up for it a little bit but it could be exposed if not fixed at the next level.

Did not work out at the NFL Combine, which cast doubts about his testing on areas like speed and jumping. Could hurt his draft stock because he failed to showcase his positive traits or improve on his weak areas in the combine process.


A gifted athlete who also seems to be open with his ability to create separation and find holes in the zone. London uses a mixture of elite height, arm length, and football IQ to make opposing cornerbacks miserable. A great career at USC should translate to NFL success if he gets into a system that uses his great traits to an advantage.

Team Fits

Philadelphia Eagles, Detroit Lions, Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys

Draft Projection

Most likely not in the top ten, but somewhere in the first round.

Player Comparison

Has a lot of traits that compare well and remind me of Evans.

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