Four Draft Night Trades That Seem Likely

As everyone rushes to finish their mock drafts and make final preparation for the 2022 NFL Draft, many rumors are floating about concerning potential trades and what may go down on draft night. Although it is impossible to predict the perfect draft due to draft night trades and surprise picks, with information gathered from various rumors, I’d like to take a guess on four of the most likely trades we could see on Thursday night. One trade that I didn’t include, but I feel could potentially happen is the Steelers moving up for Malik Willis. 

NFL Teams Reportedly Worried About Top QB Prospect's

  1. Seahawks Make the Move for a QB

After the Russell Wilson trade, the Seahawks are left with Drew Lock as their presumed starting quarterback. They very clearly need a quarterback, however, I don’t think they will take one 9th overall. However, I have had a theory that multiple teams will move up into the back end of round one for the sliding quarterbacks. Most notably the Seahawks. And now according to multiple sources, the Seahawks are considering making just that move. Now, this is certainly a move that depends on how the board falls and who goes where. If there are three quarterbacks off the board by the time the Patriots are on the clock at 21, expect Seattle to move up past Tennessee at 26. However, if only one to two quarterbacks go in that range, Seattle could move up anywhere likely for Matt Corral who Pete Carroll has had an interest in, or Desmond Ridder. So who are some potential trade partners? I certainly think a team like the Packers may move down at 28 if they don’t like anyone on the board. The Buccaneers or Bills could also potentially be solid partners. 


  1. Carolina Moves Down, Philly Moves Up

The Carolina Panthers need draft capital. With only one pick in the first four rounds, they are in need of more picks due to their multiple needs across the board. Coincidentally, the Philadelphia Eagles are reportedly looking to move up the board for Alabama WR Jameson Williams. It is a stupid move on the Eagles’ side as they need more picks to beef up their defense, rather than draft their third WR in three years, but for the Panthers, it’d be a dream come true. For the right package, they could move down for a pick in the teens, and take a QB of their choice because they most would likely all be available. Then with a couple of day two picks they get to even out trade value, I’d use those to move into the high 2nd round to take a tackle like a Bernhard Raimann, or they could sit at 51 and take a Max Mitchell or Abraham Lucas in the second round. This is a slam-dunk move for the Panthers as they can fill needs, draft a QB of the future, and don’t feel the pressure of getting the 6th selection right. 


  1. The Jets Get Their Wideout

The Deebo Samuel trade has been a major plot point heading into this week. While I feel like it may be unlikely that he gets traded on draft night as we don’t usually see big-name players dealt on the last Thursday in April, it is certainly a possibility. The Jets are desperate for a wide receiver. We’ve seen them put all of the chips on the table for guys like Tyreek Hill. They weren’t successful on that front, but there is seemingly real interest in the 49ers wideout. Robert Saleh’s staff has a natural connection there and it really makes way too much sense. If a deal for Samuel is in place and is worked out by the Draft, expect the 49ers to gain the 10th overall selection and maybe some more picks in exchange for the star wideout. What the 49ers would do with that 10th overall pick is tough to predict as many of their needs wouldn’t have great players on the board at 10. Either way, while I don’t think Deebo gets moved on draft night, it is an extremely realistic trade and if it happens, I wouldn’t be surprised. 


  1. The Saints Finish Their Grand Plan

Last week I talked about the Saints’ awkward move to trade a 2023 first-round pick for one this year. I speculated that they were not done yet and that a move into the top ten to grab a QB was imminent. We haven’t heard much since, but Mickey Loomis and company might finally work up into the top ten. Now at first glance, it would likely be for a QB, namely Kenny Pickett or Malik Willis. However, I could certainly see the Saints moving up with an offensive tackle in mind. They lost Terron Armstead to the Dolphins in free agency. It makes too much sense that the Saints are eyeing a tackle and would like to work into the top 12 to select the tackle they need. Evan Neal is rumored to be on a slide due to medical issues so if he makes it past the top six, the Saints should certainly work to trade with the Giants at 7th for Neal. Wherever they go, I feel the Saints are still poised to move up. 


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