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Garrett Cowdrey’s Wide Receiver Big Board For The 2022 NFL Draft


It is the most wonderful time of the year. Draft season is upon us, a period of over 200 days where football leaves our lives is filled with an exciting and unpredictable NFL Draft to make up for it. This draft season, I will specialize in the wide receivers that will bless the upcoming draft. This receiver class is very deep and very solid. There are surely going to be some future superstars at the receiver position that come out of this draft class, and I’ll rank the top ten receivers in the order that I consider them. It is obviously early and there are bound to be changes, especially after the NFL Combine, but as of right now this is the list we are going with. Strap in and let’s take a look at the headliners of our wide receiver class.



1. Garrett Wilson, Ohio State

Garrett Wilson is simply a force to be reckoned with. He came to Ohio State as a five star recruit and quickly earned his way on to the field after handling punt return duties very well. He is a weapon that a great offensive coordinator could use to completely revitalize a unit. His catch radius is outstanding, he has a solid size, blazing speed, and his ability to get into open space and turn any play into six points makes him the top receiver in this class for me.


2. Chris Olave, Ohio State

Chris Olave is sliding down Draft boards for some people because of his size mainly. He is not built like some of the other receivers at the top of this class, but he’s one of the most successful receivers in college football history. Olave has been a nightmare for opposing Big Ten defenses for his entire collegiate career, and his big play ability is the best in this draft class. Also, he is Ohio State’s all time leader in touchdown catches, which is an unbelievable accomplishment. He averages over 15 yards per catch and showcases amazing speed along with probably the best route running I have ever witnessed in a college prospect. Don’t be fooled, Olave belongs here and some team is going to get a proven superstar to help their offense for years to come.


3. Jameson Williams, Alabama

There was rumblings from various draft analysts that Williams could have potentially been the first receiver to be drafted in this loaded class after a season for the ages in 2021. He was the motor of the Crimson Tide offense and his game breaking speed was helping him fly up draft boards. Unfortunately, a torn ACL in the college football playoff put a large dent in his draft stock. While he should be ready to go in Week 1, he will likely miss valuable training camp and preseason. Whoever gets Williams is getting a cheat code, and he belongs right here at number three. His speed will translate well at the next level, and his recovery timeline will become more clear over the summer.


4. Drake London, USC

Drake London is WR1 on a lot of boards, as he has been flying up the charts since the college season ended. He is a gifted receiver and very well could be the top dog of this class in the right system. It is a testament to how deep this receiver class is when London is number four. He would easily be a top two guy in most other drafts. He uses is amazing height and basketball background to secure jump balls and his speed makes him a dangerous guy to line up against. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him get drafted above every guy on this list, but for me he remains at number four.

5. Treylon Burks, Arkansas

Let’s look at another guy that shows how deep this receiver class is. Treylon Burks would easily be top three in most other drafts at this position. He is another guy that can be described as simply a weapon. His speed and size are exceptionally rare and his professional comparison is easily Deebo Samuel. Burks is another guy that could go above some guys listed above him, and could easily be the top guy in the right system. These top five guys are quite a bit above the rest of this class, but there are still some gems left to talk about in the latter half of this top ten list.

6. Jahan Dotson, Penn State

What Jahan Dotson lacks in size, he makes up for in speed and efficiency. A top recruit that found plenty of success at Penn State, Dotson should find a nice home in the slot for a team in need of a speed demon. His smaller frame is the biggest knock, but Olave at number two on this list goes to show that I don’t think it will be a massive issue. If you do think it’s an issue, just google Tyreek Hill. That’s just one example by the way. Dotson’s success will depend on his system, and he could be a star at the next level if used correctly.

7. David Bell, Purdue

David Bell is another guy that gets knocked for various things by advanced stat scouts, but the simply fact of the matter is that the guy can play football. A finalist for the Biletnikoff award in 2021, Bell showcased his talents against plenty of Big Ten opponents after teammate Rondale Moore moved to the NFL before the season. Bell is going to make his money with great hands and good route running, making me want to compare him to Michael Thomas. Bell likely won’t start as a WR1, but has the potential to move into that role with the right circumstances around him. Don’t sleep on the productive David Bell.

8. John Metchie, Alabama

I am a huge John Metchie fan. The second Alabama receiver to be derailed by a torn ACL this season, Metchie would have likely been a little higher if he could have finished out what was a strong campaign in 2021. Metchie Will succeed by being quick and agile, and using his outstanding hands and eyes to track down and catch balls in a huge radius. He will be reliable if he can stay healthy, and will likely find a home in the slot due to being undersized for the position.

9. George Pickens, Georgia

This is really where the list gets more into opinions. There is a general consensus among most about the receivers in the top eight, albeit their ranking of those top eight tends to differ greatly. This is where I really get to get on my soapbox and push for under the radar guys that I really like. Pickens is the first one that I’ll do this for. He is the third guy on this list to have suffered a torn ACL in 2021, and it really hurt his chances to build his draft stock. He was a highly coveted five star prospect coming out of high school and has many amazing qualities. His route running is superb, and his football fundamentals and great hands make him a guy that will likely find a lot of success at the NFL level. Do not let Pickens fly under your radar, this guy could be special.

10. Justyn Ross, Clemson

If you want to find a prime example of “high risk, high reward”, look no further than Justyn Ross. He and Trevor Lawrence were a great combo and there was a time where he was considered a top guy in this receiver class. A horrible injury derailed everything and losing Lawrence set him back as well. There is simply too much to love about Ross in my opinion still. Great hands, route running, and size make him an enticing guy to line up outside and throw jump balls to. The risk part of Ross is mainly his injury history. He needs to be cleared and prove he can get back to 100% to make an impact. His speed is also questionable. An extremely risky pick with a ridiculously high ceiling, there is no one better to end off our top ten list than Justyn Ross. Keep an eye on him, he could be a star and is way under the radar heading into the draft season.



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