Garrett Wilson Scouting Report

Buckeye fans know and love Garrett Wilson. The partner in crime of another top wide receiver prospect in Chris Olave, Wilson has long been on a path to being a first-round pick. He was a five-star recruit coming out of high school and a winner of the All-American Bowl Man of the Year award for his athletics, academics, and community service. He quickly earned a strong role in the Ohio State offense as a freshman and never looked back. He had 723 yards and 6 touchdowns as a sophomore in the COVID shortened season, earning him a first-team All-Big Ten nod. He then went for 1058 yards and a FBS leading 12 touchdowns as a junior before declaring for the NFL Draft. There is a lot to love about Wilson, and he is currently my projected WR1 on the draft board.


Position: Wide receiver

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 185 lbs

Year In College: Junior


His acceleration is among the best that I’ve ever seen and often catches opposing defenders off guard, leading to him quickly getting open, and from there he is very hard to catch.

He has very elite hands and uses them to pluck throws out of the air and win jump balls. They are strong and he instinctively has great catching mechanics that allow him to snag anything close.

His vast experience as a punt return man at Ohio State should give him a chance to be a game-breaker for the special teams unit in addition to the levels he can add to the offense.


Wilson is not a very good route runner in general, has poor footwork, and often messes up various routes all over the route tree. Could use a fair amount of polishing.

He can struggle off the line and in traffic when he isn’t able to use his acceleration to get around the defender. Also he could be bullied by larger corners and will need to work on getting through traffic and into space.


A receiver with a lot of great and unique traits, I think Garrett Wilson could be a great starter in the NFL as soon as his first year. Certain areas of his game need work, but that’s not uncommon for receivers coming out of college. He is a safe pick with a lot of upside and a great character. He did very well at the combine as well, so he is trending in the right direction. There is a lot to love about Wilson, and he should make a team very happy.

Team Fits

Cleveland Browns, Washington Commanders, New York Jets, Atlanta Falcons

Draft Projection

Could be a guy that sneaks into the top ten. If he doesn’t, he won’t fall much past that.

Player Comparison

For some reason, he just reminds me a lot of Stefon Diggs. Lots of similarities in their games.

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