Hitting Rock Bottom: A Texans Story

Well, this happened fast. Weren’t the Houston Texans possible Super Bowl contenders no more than a year ago? They were one of the best teams in the NFL. You could see their flaws but they could’ve been easily assessed and fixed. This team is currently crashing and burning at a rapid speed. I guess they never recovered from blowing a 24 point lead to the Chiefs in the playoffs. That’s where it really began, but so much more has happened since.

So the agony in Houston started after the Texans managed to blow an early 24 point lead to the Kansas City Chiefs. That game, the Texans decided to disguise themselves as the Atlanta Falcons with a final score of 51-31, Chiefs giving an absolute beat down. Texans’ head coach Bill O’Brien was definitely one to blame and obviously the defense for giving up 51 points in less than three quarters. Losses happen though, right?

You should know what’s coming next. As free agency approached, a rumor came out about Texans’ star wide receiver Deandre Hopkins being one to watch in a trade. This was disregarded because who would trade one of — if not the best — receivers in the league? Very shortly after, the groundbreaking news came out. I still remember the jpafootball Instagram notification. I was watching a free agency livestream while doing schoolwork and all of the sudden, the streamer stopped speaking. His jaw dropped and he asked himself if he was reading something right. Deandre Hopkins was traded to the Arizona Cardinals. What made this more bizarre was the entire trade package. Possibly the best wide receiver in the NFL and a 4th round pick was traded in return for running back David Johnson, a 2nd round pick, and a 2021 4th round pick. Bill O’Brien really did that. You don’t need to hear again how dreadful this trade was. Oh, but it gets worse!

We’re jumping some time because Houston made too many mistakes in the offseason, one problem was carelessly throwing millions of dollars around. So this past season, the Texans were atrocious. They finished 4-12… wow. Who would I personally blame for this downfall? No brainer, Bill O’Brien. Within months, he managed to set the franchise back by years. How can you kill a playoff team that quickly? Not only has he been a bad coach but he’s been a really, really bad general manager. He did so much damage you would be surprised. Deshaun Watson, a top quarterback in the league who just had an outstanding season with the Texans. He put up elite numbers while being on a team with little talent and no hope. Guess what? He requested a trade. J.J. Watt, an All-Pro, veteran defensive end who has never complained and has given his all for the Texans. Guess what? He’s probably leaving too. Nobody wants to be in Houston anymore. This franchise is in serious trouble. This is as close to rock bottom as it gets. It’ll only get lower when the players officially leave.

Do you know a Houston Texans fan? If yes, be thankful that you aren’t. And if you are, I’m sorry. I’m a New York Jets fan and I even feel bad. There won’t be bright days in Houston for a while. Trust the process Texans fans. Times will get better… maybe.

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