Jackson’s Week 20 NHL Power Rankings

NHL Week 20 Power Rankings 

  1. Arizona Coyotes 

Record: 14-35-4

Last Week: 32

The Coyotes’ are most likely going to be the biggest seller at the deadline. Names could include Phil Kessel, Jakob Chychrun, Lawson Crouse, and possibly more. They will stay another week last on this Week 20 Power Rankings.

  1. Buffalo Sabres  

Record: 16-30-8

Last Week: 29

YIKES… This is really the only thing I can say about this squad lately. The Sabres lost six straight and allowed at least four goals in each. 

  1. Seattle Kraken 

Record: 16-34-5

Last Week: 30

The Kraken now have lost seven straight which, last time I checked, is not good.

  1. New Jersey Devils 

Record: 19-30-5

Last Week: 27

The Devils have so many fun and talented pieces on their team, but the young part might be impacting the success too much. 

  1. Philadelphia Flyers

Record: 16-27-10

Last Week: 28

The only bright spot for the Flyers is Carter Hart, who got so much hate a year ago, now is the only player who plays a well game in and game outperformance. 

  1. Montreal Canadiens 

Record: 13-34-7

Last Week: 31 

I have to give love to this team, they have turned a corner after the change at Head Coach. Riding a five-game win streak and Cole Caufield getting on a role all adds up to moving very far up this Week 20 Power Rankings. 

  1. Chicago Blackhawks 

Record: 19-27-8

Last week: 26

The Blackhawks have a chance to be big-time sellers at the deadline, whether that includes Hagel, Debrincat, or Fleury.  

  1. Ottawa Senators 

Record: 19-28-5

Last Week: 25

Matt Murray has been excellent since returning to the NHL, but the Sens cannot seem to turn his good performances into wins. 

  1. New York Islanders 

Record: 20-21-8

Last Week: 24

The Islanders are an older, slower(other than Barzal of course) team that is now not only boring but. Just simply not good. 

  1. San Jose Sharks

Record: 24-23-6

Last Week: 23

The Sharks are aiming towards being sellers come the deadline, and all team eyes will be on Tomas Hertl now as many teams are sending scouts to many of their games. 

  1. Detroit Red Wings 

Record: 24-24-6

Last Week: 22

The Red Wings are ranked perfectly, and their record is perfect for their play. They are not a bad team, but they lack the talent to be a good team…RIGHT NOW AT LEAST. They have incredibly young and talented players that will be very good for a long time. 

  1. Winnipeg Jets 

Record: 24-21-9

Last Week: 18

The Jets had a horrible week, dropping three of four, and their playoff hopes are fading.  

  1. Columbus Blue Jackets  

Record: 28-25-1

Last Week: 21

Patrik Laine is becoming a highlight-reel player again, and I’m all here for it.  

  1. Anaheim Ducks 

Record 25-21-9 

Last Week: 19

The Ducks are currently sitting fifth in the Pacific, three points out of Vegas. This month last month did not help their chances to climb up the ranks although, went a measly 2-5-0 in February. 

  1. Vancouver Canucks 

Record: 26-23-6

Last Week: 20

The Canucks are fighting every week to make up for their bad start, Quinn Hughes has been huge for that reason scoring 41 points in 50 games. 

  1. Washington Capitals 

Record: 28-18-9 

Last Week: 14

Is there a team that has dropped off more than the Capitals? The Caps cannot seem to get any offense other than Ovechkin, which is not a good recipe for success in hockey.   

  1. Edmonton Oilers  

Record: 30-21-6

Last Week: 16

The Oilers had a tough couple of games this past week, having to face the Panthers, Hurricanes, and Lightning, going 1-2-0 over said games. Edmonton is in need of many more wins if they want to get into a playoff position. 

  1. Las Vegas Golden Knights

Record: 29-20-4

Last Week 11

The Golden Knights are not where they thought they would be this far into the season, sitting fourth in the Pacific. 

  1. Nashville Predators 

Record: 30-19-4

Last Week: 17

The Predators currently sit at fourth in the Central, one point out of third, so beating the Panthers and Stars this last week was huge for a hopeful Nashville team. 

  1. Dallas Stars 

Record: 29-20-2

Last Week: 13

The Stars, yes, are playing well, riding a 4-0-1 streak, but am I going to say that they’re back to being that team who made the run? I’m not, this team has been so inconsistent this year with streaks like this, and streaks that aren’t good, so I really do not know who this team is STILL. 

  1. Minnesota Wild 

Record: 31-17-3

Last Week: 7

The Wild continue their rough stretch of games, losing again to Calgary in a hard-fought battle. Goaltending, more specifically, Cam Talbot has had a forgettable New Year. The Wild have just looked off lately which is new for this team, this year. 

  1. Los Angeles Kings 

Record: 29-18-7

Last Week: 15

The Kings won two cups in three years, then went into rebuild mode, and now they look like they are on the tail end of that rebuild. That is how you manage a team. Yes, they have some big contracts, but it doesn’t matter because of the young talent they have on the team. Alex Iafallo might be the most underrated player in the league this year.  

  1. Boston Bruins

Record: 32-17-4

Last Week: 10

The Bruins have had success but the game that really sticks out is that 5-1 dominating win over the Avalanche. 

  1. St. Louis Blues 

Record: 32-14-6

Last Week: 12

The Blues are riding a sharp four-game winning streak, and that is good enough to move this team up in this Week 20 Power Rankings. 

  1. New York Rangers

Record: 33-15-5

Last Week: 3

Igor Shesterkin is really the heartbeat of this team, when he has an off night both off, and on the ice, the Rangers can not seem to win.

  1. Pittsburgh Penguins 

Record: 33-14-8

Last Week: 9

The Penguins have been getting consistent and good play all over the roster, which is key at this time of the season. 

  1. Toronto Maple Leafs 

Record: 35-14-4

Last Week: 6

The Leafs are getting insane offense, which includes a four-goal game from Mitch Marner in a game that Toronto won 10-7…this brings me to my next point about this team, the goaltending. When your goalie gets pulled while winning, something is wrong. 

  1. Tampa Bay Lighting 

Record: 35-11-6

Last Week: 6

The Lightning is that team that is so good that they seem to get forgotten about. The team has been solid all year and really hasn’t slowed down at any point. 

  1. Florida Panthers 

Record: 35-13-5 

Last Week 2

The Panthers took their play to a lower level this last week, losing three straight games. The Panthers look to be the next team running into goaltender issues as Bobrovsky since late January has been underperforming. 

  1. Carolina Hurricanes 

Record: 37-13-5

Last Week: 8

The Hurricanes were hot this week, going on a five-game win streak before losing to the Red Wings in a close battle. The Canes and Aho are on their way to making some noise in the playoffs. 

  1.   Calgary Flames 

Record: 32-14-6

Last Week: 4

The Flames have officially become cup contenders and making a case that they could be cup favorites. The acquisition of Tyler Toffoli has paid off big time as well. 

  1. Colorado Avalanche

Record: 39-10-4

Last Week: 1

The Avalanche have proved to be the most dangerous offensive teams in the NHL, the question remains, is this the year for the Avs to make a run?

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