Jackson’s Week 6 NHL Power Rankings

NHL Week 6 Power Rankings

  1. Arizona Coyotes 

Record: 4-13-2

Last Week: 32

Hey, the Coyotes won 2 of three games this week, there’s something. 

  1. Ottawa Senators 

Record: 4-11-1

Last Week: 29

The Sens played one game, and they lost it. They are a bad team right now.

  1. Montreal Canadiens 

Record: 5-13-2

Last Week: 30 

The Canadians are apparently wanting to add a piece on the defense, giving up future pieces, which is an odd move for a 5 win team.  

  1. Seattle Kraken 

Record: 5-12-1

Last Week: 31

The Kraken had high hopes, but all that has changed as they find themselves on the bottom of my NHL Week 6 Power Rankings.

  1. Vancouver Canucks 

Record: 6-11-2

Last Week: 28

The Canucks have been a mess, and trade talks are heating up with their stars. 

  1. Chicago Blackhawks 

Record: 6-11-2

Last week: 27

The Blackhawks are still not a very good team, but they are actually winning a few games. 

  1. Detroit Red Wings 

Record: 8-9-3

Last Week: 23

Despite the struggling season, it shows Detroit easily has a bright future. 

  1. Buffalo Sabres  

Record: 7-9-2

Last Week: 22

The Sabres are not getting the saves that they need as of late, which is affecting them severely.

  1. New York Islanders 

Record: 5-8-2

Last Week: 24

The Islanders certainly have been struggling lately, and you have to imagine changes coming soon. 

23. Pittsburgh Penguins 

Record: 8-6-4

Last Week: 26

The Penguins are playing so much better as of late, Crosby’s return has helped a lot.

  1. Dallas Stars 

Record: 8-7-2

Last Week: 24

The Stars had a horrible loss against the Wild, 7-2, so the concern is real for this team. 

  1. Los Angeles Kings 

Record: 8-7-3

Last Week: 16

The Kings are not having a good time on their recent home stretch, while only picking up one point in three games. 

  1. New Jersey Devils 

Record: 8-5-3

Last Week: 20

Dawson Mercer could end up being the front runner 

  1. San Jose Sharks

Record: 9-8-1

Last Week: 19

The Sharks are back to being a struggling hockey team. Brent Burns has been horrible this year as well. 

  1. Philadelphia Flyers

Record: 8-6-3

Last Week: 13

The Flyers continue to fly under the radar, hah, but they had a tough couple of games against some tough opponents. 

  1. Boston Bruins

Record: 9-6-0

Last Week: 17

The Bruins were not busy this past week but still got a win. 

  1. Columbus Blue Jackets  

Record: 10-6-0

Last Week: 18

Boone Jenner has been a great surprise this year after being named Captain. 

  1. St. Louis Blues 

Record: 10-6-2

Last Week: 12

The Blues got off to a very hot start, but November has been unfriendly to them. 

  1. Nashville Predators 

Record: 10-7-1

Last Week: 14

The Predators have been very solid all year long, mostly due to Duchane playing at a high level. 

  1. Las Vegas Golden Knights

Record: 11-8-0

Last Week 21 

Mark Stone is back and that has helped the Knights get back into good shape in the conference. 

  1. Winnipeg Jets 

Record: 9-5-4

Last Week: 10

The Jets have been subject to some unlucky losses, but unless, they did have a rough week.

  1. Anaheim Ducks 

Record 10-6-3 

Last Week: 5

The Ducks ended their winning streak this last week. The Ducks may have been riding a magical ride for a while, but that is still yet to be determined.

  1. Colorado Avalanche

Record: 9-5-1

Last Week: 15

Four straight wins have put the Avalanche right back on the map and in the top 10 on my NHL Week 6 Power Rankings

  1. Tampa Bay Lighting 

Record: 11-4-3

Last Week: 11

The Lightning has been winning games as of late, but Anthony Cirelli is the real team’s MVP. The Bolts have lost Kucherov and now Brayden Point, and in their absences, Cirelli has stepped up in a big way. 

  1. New York Rangers

Record: 11-4-3

Last Week: 6

The Rangers keep their hot streak and continue to get scoring from their young guns. 

  1. Minnesota Wild   

Record: 11-6-1

Last Week: 7

The Wild are a very dangerous team upfront and have an elite defensive group, but the troubling spot is their goaltending. 

  1. Toronto Maple Leafs 

Record: 13-6-1

Last Week: 8

Jack Cambell has been a Venza caliber goaltender this so far, which has fueled this team. 

  1. Edmonton Oilers  

Record: 13-5-0

Last Week: 4

For the first time since April 29, 2021, Connor McDavid was held without a point in a regular-season game. 

  1. Calgary Flames 

Record: 12-3-5

Last Week: 9

The shutouts continue for the Flames, as they are showing they have a top goalie tandem in the league. 

  1. Washington Capitals 

Record: 11-3-5 

Last Week: 3

Ovi update: 15 goals and 30 points in 16 games, the legend continues. 

  1. Carolina Hurricanes 

Record: 14-2-1

Last Week: 2 

The Hurricanes are on a mission this year, they seem to be playing toe-to-toe with Florida. 

  1. Florida Panthers 

Record: 13-2-3 

Last Week 1 

The Panthers are easily a top Stanley Cup favorite and continued that this week.

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