Jackson’s Week 23 NHL Power Rankings

Week 23 Power Rankings 

  1. Philadelphia Flyers

Record: 20-31-11

Last Week: 28

Welcome to the 32 clubs for this Week 22 Power Rankings Flyers. 

  1. Seattle Kraken 

Record: 19-38-6

Last Week: 31

The Kraken will stay here and avoid being number 32 on this Week 23 Power Rankings. 

  1. Ottawa Senators 

Record: 22-35-5

Last Week: 30

The Senators traded Nick Paul for a decent haul, I would say a successful deadline was had. 

  1. New Jersey Devils 

Record: 22-35-5

Last Week: 29

The Devils did not do, really anything at the deadline, actually they got Andrew Hammond, so yay?

  1. San Jose Sharks 

Record: 27-27-8

Last Week: 28

The Sharks deserve to move up in this Week 23 Power Rankings, after that week. 

  1. Arizona Coyotes 

Record: 20-38-4

Last Week: 27

The Coyotes are maybe the hottest team in the NHL. 

  1. Chicago Blackhawks 

Record: 22-32-9

Last week: 26

The Blackhawks traded Hagel, and Fleury while getting a hefty load back, success at its finest. 

  1. Buffalo Sabres  

Record: 22-33-8

Last Week: 25

The Sabres did not do much at the deadline. 

  1. Anaheim Ducks 

Record 27-27-11 

Last Week: 24

The Ducks sent an enforcer to the Wild, and Rakell, who got a decent return. 

  1. Detroit Red Wings 

Record: 25-30-7

Last Week: 23

The Red Wings have fallen hard since we talked last week. 

  1. Montreal Canadiens 

Record: 17-36-10

Last Week: 22 

Cole Caufield is unbelievable, but the Canadiens did sell this year. Bright future ahead. 

  1. Winnipeg Jets 

Record: 29-24-10

Last Week: 21

The Jets may look at the standing and imagine they can make the playoffs, but either way, they have some big decisions to make this offseason. 

  1. New York Islanders 

Record: 26-25-9

Last Week: 20

The Islanders did nothing this deadline, but Parise and Clutterbuck both signed extensions. 

  1. Columbus Blue Jackets  

Record: 32-28-3

Last Week: 19

The Blue Jackets sold a decently big piece in Max Domi, but that was about it. 

  1. Las Vegas Golden Knights

Record: 34-27-4

Last Week 18

The Golden Knights are injured and hurting at the same time, they are in serious danger of missing the playoffs. 

  1. Vancouver Canucks 

Record: 30-26-8

Last Week: 17

The Canucks turned their season around, but the question has to be asked, do they have enough to make the playoffs? I don’t think so. 

  1. Edmonton Oilers  

Record: 35-23-5

Last Week: 16

The Oilers are staying in the competition, they do have some holes before making a run in the playoffs although. 

  1. Nashville Predators 

Record: 37-22-4

Last Week: 15

Roman Josi is just amazing, that’s it.

  1. Washington Capitals 

Record: 35-19-10 

Last Week: 14

The Capitals are in a situation where they do not want to give up draft capital, but they are also good enough to make the playoffs.  

13. St. Louis Blues 

Record: 34-18-9

Last Week: 13

The Blues went out and got Nick Leddy to try and push for a deep run. 

12. Minnesota Wild 

  1. Record: 37-20-4
  2. Last Week: 13 
  3. The Wild bought and bought big. Marc-André Fleury is now a Minnesota Wild, and they now have become serious contenders. 

  1. Dallas Stars 

Record: 34-24-3

Last Week: 11

A slow week for the Stars who have been firing on all cylinders lately.

  1. Toronto Maple Leafs 

Record: 39-18-5

Last Week: 10

The Leafs went out and got Giordano, which should help in a huge way.

  1. Los Angeles Kings 

Record: 34-22-8

Last Week: 9

The Kings don’t look like a top-cup contender, but the way they have played this year shows they want to be. 

  1. Boston Bruins

Record: 39-19-5

Last Week: 8

The Bruins mixed things up with their lineup, and it has worked lately. 

  1. Tampa Bay Lighting 

Record: 39-16-6

Last Week: 7

The Lightning had a below-average, for them, week.

  1. New York Rangers

Record: 40-18-5

Last Week: 6

The Rangers can attack you in multiple ways, and this deadline helped them even more.

5. Pittsburgh Penguins 

Record: 38-16-9

Last Week: 5

The Penguins added Rakell over the deadline, so I believe that’s a great move for a team looking to make another deep run. 

  1. Carolina Hurricanes 

Record: 41-15-6

Last Week: 4

The Hurricanes got Max Domi to add a depth scoring forward. 

  1. Colorado Avalanche

Record: 45-13-5

Last Week: 3

The Avalanche made a trade this last week, sending former first-round pick Tyson Jost to rival Minnesota in exchange for fourth-line grinder, Nico Sturm. 

  1.   Calgary Flames 

Record: 38-16-8

Last Week: 2

The Flames have turned around their franchise this year, turning into top-cup contenders. 

  1. Florida Panthers 

Record: 42-14-6 

Last Week 1

The Panthers added Claude Giroux to an already very talented crew. 

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