Jackson’s Week 27 NHL Power Rankings

Week 27 Power Rankings

32. Arizona Coyotes

Record: 22-49-5

Last Week: 24

The Coyotes have no wins in two weeks means you go back to 32 on this Week 27 Power Rankings. 

31. New Jersey Devils

Record: 27-42-7

Last Week: 32

The Devils fans I have moved you up in the rankings, is this the best thing to happen this year? 

30. San Jose Sharks

Record: 29-34-12

Last Week: 28

The Sharks’ biggest money makers on the team may make it difficult to sign one of their best and young stars Timo Meier who recently scored his career-high 31 goals.

29. Philadelphia Flyers

Record: 23-42-11

Last Week: 29

As a Minnesota-born and raised, well, and living currently, I am always proud to see Minnesota kids make their NHL Debut. Bobby Brink, the latest Minnesotian to have success in his first game, added two assists for the Flyers. 

28. Ottawa Senators

Record: 28-41-7

Last Week: 28

The Senators are going to need to bring in a lot go help if they want to compete for a playoff spot next season, but for now, we can keep saying they have potential. 

27. Anaheim Ducks

Record 30-33-14

Last Week: 27

Ryan Getzlaf is calling it a career after this season, an incredible one at that. 

26. Detroit Red Wings

Record: 29-37-10

Last Week: 26

The Red Wings competed hard all season long, but ran out of gas and have struggled badly the last couple of months. 

25. Buffalo Sabres

Record: 29-38-11

Last Week: 25

You know what, good for Buffalo for finishing strong, they also have some players to be excited about next year so, not all bad for a lost season. 

24. Seattle Kraken

Record: 25-44-6 

Last Week: 31

The Kraken will make most likely make some noise this offseason, and they have played pretty well lately, so up you go on this week’s 27 Power Rankings.

23. Chicago Blackhawks

Record: 25-40-11

Last week: 23

The Blackhawks have scoring talent, but really, that is all. 

22. Montreal Canadiens

Record: 20-42-7

Last Week: 22

The Canadiens got Carey Price and that is enough for them to stay out of the bottom ten in this Week 27 Power Rankings

 21. Winnipeg Jets

Record: 35-30-11

Last Week: 17

The Jets have a lot of tough decisions to make this off-season, especially with their core mostly aging quickly. Kyle Connor on the other hand has had a career year scoring 43 goals.

20. Columbus Blue Jackets

Record: 35-35-6

Last Week: 20

The Blue Jackets are another team that was eliminated from the playoffs, it will be a very interesting off-season for the Ohio hockey club. 

19. New York Islanders

Record: 32-28-9

Last Week: 20

The Islanders have missed the playoffs for the first time with Barry Trotz as Head Coach. 

18. Las Vegas Golden Knights

Record: 41-31-5

Last Week 18

The Golden Knights are currently a point out of the playoffs, this means the threat continues for Vegas by the game. They have six games to catch up into a spot. 

17. Vancouver Canucks

Record: 38-28-10

Last Week: 21

The Canucks, have a praying chance to get into the playoffs, they are five points out, and need many things to go right in a short amount of time.

16. Los Angeles Kings

Record: 40-27-10

Last Week: 13

The Kings with 90 points right now, which makes them in danger of missing the playoffs. 

15. Nashville Predators

Record: 40-25-4

Last Week: 15

The Predators are tied for the first Wild-Card spot, the Western remains intense. 

14. Dallas Stars

Record: 40-26-3

Last Week: 14

The Stars are in a very intense battle for playoffs, as they sit three points out of the top Wild-Card spot.

13. Washington Capitals

Record: 43-23-10

Last Week: 16

The Capitals clinched the playoffs but will battle for the number 1 spot in the Eastern. 

12. Boston Bruins

Record: 46-24-5

Last Week: 4

The Bruins have some concerns with them, they are 27th in the NHL since April 1st with just 14 goals while playing 5-on-5 hockey, which will not play well in playoffs. 

11. Carolina Hurricanes

Record: 49-20-8

Last Week: 4

The Hurricanes are slipping at the wrong time as there is just a couple of games remaining. 

10. Pittsburgh Penguins

Record: 43-23-11

Last Week: 10

The Panthers are a likely opponent for their first game, which would not be a friendly matchup for the Pens. 

9. Edmonton Oilers

Record: 44-26-6

Last Week: 11

The Oilers had one big issue for most of the season, and it was goaltending, well, it seems that problem is no more for now.

8. St. Louis Blues

Record: 46-20-10

Last Week: 12

The Blues have scored 62 goals in their past 12 games during an 11-0-1 run. This team is hot at the right time. 

7. Tampa Bay Lighting

Record: 46-21-7

Last Week: 7

The Lightning have a legit chance to three-peat, if they end up getting home-ice advantage I see no reason not to pick them to do so.

6. Minnesota Wild

Record: 46-21-7

Last Week: 9

The Wild have two franchise-record breakers this season, as Kirill Kaprizov broke the points and goal record, well Mats  Zuccarello broke the assist record.

5. New York Rangers

Record: 49-21-6

Last Week: 5

The Rangers have the top goalie in the league, a top defenseman, and a top playmaker in the league, they are primed for a good playoff this season. 

4. Toronto Maple Leafs

Record: 50-20-6

Last Week: 4

The Leafs have had a good week, putting up 11 goals in two games, but one has to wonder how far can this team go. 

3. Calgary Flames

Record: 41-19-9

Last Week: 3

Johnny Gaudreau who was thought of as a very overrated player coming into the season has proved those thoughts wrong, he has reached the 100-point mark for the first time in his career. He is currently sitting at 107. 

2. Colorado Avalanche

Record: 55-15-6

Last Week: 2

The Avalanche and the Panthers were two Stanley Cup Favorites coming into the season, and they sit 1-2 in the league with just a couple of weeks left in the season. 

  1. Florida Panthers

Record: 54-15-6

Last Week: 1

The Panthers are on a 10-game win streak, now the only thing they have to fight for is the Presidents’ trophy.

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