Jackson’s Week 3 NHL Power Rankings


  1. Arizona Coyotes 

Record: 0-8-1

Last week: 32

The difference between the Blackhawks and the Coyotes is the Hawks have been competitive in one more game than the Coyotes. 

  1. Chicago Blackhawks 

Record: 0-7-2

Last week: 31

Oh, sweet Karma! The Blackhawks remain winless through nine games, a record that is well deserved for the franchise. 

  1. Montreal Canadiens 

Record: 2-8-0

Last Week: 30 

The disappointing season continues into week three. The Canadians are without their incredible goalie Carey Price, but even with Price this team can’t seem to put goals on the board. 

  1. Ottawa Senators 

Record: 3-4-0

Last Week: 26

The Senators certainty have an entertainment factor to them, with young studs in Tkachuk, Norris, and StÜtzle topping that list, but defensively is where this team has struggled. 

  1. Vancouver Canucks 

Record: 3-5-1

Last Week: 16

It seems like last year’s struggles was not a fluke. The Canucks have not won a game since my last week’s rankings, and Pettersson has just one goal. 

  1. San Jose Sharks

Record: 5-3-0 

Last Week: 23

The Sharks are 1-3 since starting 4-0. The team looks like the disappointment Shark fans have gotten used to. 

  1. Anaheim Ducks 

Record 3-4-3 

Last Week: 29

Ryan Getzlaf entered the record books this last week as he became the team’s all-time points leader. 

  1.   Los Angeles Kings 

Record: 3-5-1

Last Week: 25

The team lost a big player in Doughty, and his extended absence will hurt them long-term. 

  1. Dallas Stars 

Record: 3-4-1

Last Week: 15

The Stars have dropped three straight games, but luck has not been on their side. The Stars expected goals are well over what they have been gifted, so I expect the wins to come. 

  1. Seattle Kraken 

Record: 3-5-1

Last Week: 27

It seems like Yanni Gourde was the missing piece to this team as they look much tougher to play against. The team doesn’t have players who are going to take over the game, but they all are hard-working players who don’t make many mistakes.  

  1. Pittsburgh Penguins 

Record: 3-3-2

Last Week: 8

The Penguins are getting outscored 13-3 in their three-game losing streak. But hey, Crosby is back, so yay?

  1. Columbus Blue Jackets  

Record: 5-3-0

Last Week: 21

Elvis Merzlikins is the MVP of the team so far posting a 1.98 GAA and a 0.939 sv% through 5 games. 

  1. New Jersey Devils 

Record: 4-2-1

Last Week: 20

The Devils are another team getting helped by tremendous goalie play. Jonathan Bernier has been great when he is in. For a team that was in need of good goalie depth, this move has worked out well.  

  1. Philadelphia Flyers

Record: 4-2-1

Last Week: 19

The only thing I can say about the Flyers to this point is that Carter Hart has been much better this year. Other than that, I really don’t know how to judge this team quite yet. 

  1. Nashville Predators 

Record: 4-4-0

Last Week: 22

The Predators now have won three straight games to get back to .500. The Predators have been anything but exciting, but they are getting the job done as of late. 

  1. New York Islanders 

Record: 3-2-2

Last Week: 13

The only reason I have the Islanders moving down this much is that they only played one game, so the squad should be well-rested. 

  1. Detroit Red Wings 

Record: 4-3-2

Last Week: 28

The Red Wings are, dare I say, competitive. Ok, maybe not long-term, but man do they play hard. This squad is a tough beat for any team who steps on the ice with them, and that is something I can respect. 

  1. Buffalo Sabres

Record: 5-2-1

Last Week: 24

The Sabres are giving Buffalo fans a show and I’m here for it. The Sabres are a fun watch right now and while I don’t see it lasting, they is giving fans a break from the Eichel saga. 

  1. Toronto Maple Leafs 

Record: 4-4-1

Last Week: 11

The Leafs continue to underperform, but at least Marner scored. 

  1. Winnipeg Jets 

Record: 4-2-1

Last Week: 18

The Jets, to be fair they have had a pretty easy schedule this last week, but they are still a very exciting team to watch. It also seems like Pierre-Luc Dubois has found his step, so they are turning into a dangerous team offensively. 

  1. Las Vegas Golden Knights

Record: 4-4-0

Last Week 14 

It’s pretty simple, the Knights got healthier and they started winning again, in fact, they have not lost since last week’s rankings, so up you go!

  1. Boston Bruins

Record: 4-3-0

Last Week: 7

The Bruins had a tough week of competition, having to play the scorching hot Panthers twice, and the undefeated Hurricanes, so I don’t think they will stay this low for long on this list. They also handed the Panthers their first loss in the shootout. 

  1. Minnesota Wild 

Record: 5-3-0

Last Week: 3

The Wild got him hard with Covid, losing Goligoski, and leading scorer Mats Zuccarello. That doesn’t excuse the fact that the team has looked lackluster the last three games, and depth is showing to be an issue for the squad. The Wild are back out of the top five on my NHL WEEK 3 POWER RANKINGS.

  1. Colorado Avalanche

Record: 4-4-0

Last Week: 5

The Avalanche is trending upwards, as they went 2-1 this past week. MacKinnon has been on a mission since his return with 8 assist in that time. The Avs are hot which is scary for the rest of the NHL. 

  1. Tampa Bay Lighting 

Record: 4-3-1

Last Week: 4

After losing badly to the Sabres, the Lighting won two straight. The Bolts will be ok, let them enjoy their back-to-back Stanley Cup hangover. 

  1. New York Rangers

Record: 6-2-1

Last Week: 12

The reigning Norris Trophy winner seems to want to outperform himself from last year. Adam Fox already has 8 points this year and has led the Rangers to a 6-2-1 start to the year. 

  1. Washington Capitals 

Record: 5-0-3 

Last Week: 9

Ovi update: 9 goals and 15 points in eight games, yep at the young age of 36. The capitols will be a dangerous team as long as the great eight keep up this pace. 

  1. Calgary Flames

Record: 6-1-1

Last Week: 8

Jacob Markstrom in his last four starts has three shutouts, so, safe to say his slow start is done. A four-game winning streak has the Flames sitting as one of the best teams in the league.

  1. St. Louis Blues 

Record: 6-1-0

Last Week: 10

The Blues with maybe the angriest goal in the league have only lost one game so far. They have Vladimir Taresenko to thank for that, as he is off to a hot start, scoring four goals and five assists through 7 games. I’m not sure how real this team is, but they continue to surprise people every game. 

  1. Edmonton Oilers 

Record: 6-1-0

Last Week: 2

The Oilers remain super scary on offense, including their lethal powerplay, a power play that Wayne Gretsky himself said was better than his historic PP.

  1. Florida Panthers 

Record: 8-0-1 

Last Week 1 

It pains me to move the cats down, but they did finally suffer a loss, although it was a shootout loss, so they are still undefeated in regulation. I assume they will be near here the rest of the year, but this week it is number two on my NHL WEEK 3 POWER RANKINGS.

  1. Carolina Hurricanes 

Record: 8-0-0

Last Week: 6 

A perfect 8-0-0 in the month of October will have you at number one on every power ranking list that is why they are in my NHL WEEK 3 POWER RANKINGS. The Canes have had success everywhere on the ice, including goaltender Freddie Anderson, who never really meshed well in Toronto (but what goalie does there). I think it is time to admit I was very wrong about this team, the subtraction of Dougie Hamilton has not affected this team like I thought it would. 

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