Kickers Korner: State of the Union

We finally were in a good place with Kickers Korner. Everyone knew their role and executed. Now, I have to do this week’s Kickers Korner very differently. I’m not ranking them 32-1. All the boys are getting lumped together this week, for better or worse. PAT’s are at 92.9%, which is the worst since 1979. Every week it’s something new with the legs, and let’s hope the trend stops soon.

Zane Gonzalez didn’t attempt a field goal last week, he’s off the hook. Greg Zuerlein made all his kicks and had no PAT’s, he’s exempt.

Missed A Field Goal

Jason Sanders, Matt Ammendola

These two AFC East kickers both missed kicks this week. Ammendola missed two field goals and an extra point that would have helped the Jets potentially win. Sanders has just been overall disappointing this season.

Mason Crosby, Chase McLaughlin

Crosby and McLaughin I still have confidence in. More so McLaughlin than Crosby, as weird as that sounds. Mason Crosby has been in a terrible slump lately and needs to get right going into December.

Cairo Santos, Harrison Butker, Matt Prater, Tyler Bass, Younghoe Koo

These are Top 10 kickers right here. Cairo Santos has been great this year, and I believe he’ll get it right. Matt Prater will occasionally miss one, but there are fewer legs I’d rather have in long-distance situations. Prater isn’t a concern. Butker, TBass and Younghoe will also be fine. Every so often when Butker misses, it seems like a big deal, it never is. TBass is still the second-best in the world, he’s going to be fine. Younghoe is one of the only things on the Falcons that doesn’t worry me.

Only Missed An Extra Point

Greg Joseph, Brett Maher, Ka’Imi Fairbairn

We all know my disdain for Greg Joseph. He is very streaky, but he did hit the game-winner against the Packers, so I can’t be that hard. Brett Maher took over for Brian Johnson, and still missed a kick, so how’s that looking NOLA? Fairbairn is very meh, but I had to include him.

Randy Bullock, Nick Folk, Evan McPherson

Randy Bullock is similar to Matt Prater. Occasionally one kick won’t go his way, but he’s going to get it together. Nick Folk has been the best kicker besides Bass and JTuck, he’s beyond ok. Swaggy E won AFC Special Team Player of The Week even with a missed extra point. McPherson and Bengals fans have no concerns for number two.

Week 11 Kickers Perfection

Mike Badgley, Dustin Hopkins, Jason Myers, Aldrick Rosas

These four kickers all have one word in common to me. Redemption. A few months ago, Badgley was written off, now he’s filling in for The Rodfather, and killing the game. Dustin Hopkins was thrown away by Ron Rivera. Since going Hollywood, Hopkins has been a top star. Jason Myers hasn’t missed a kick in his last two games. Aldrick Rosas is back on Kickers Korner. I’m shocked honestly. Congratulations to these four on the comeback.

Joey Slye, Ryan Succop, Robbie Gould

Joey Slye is the best thing Riverboat Ron has done this year. Ryan Succop the past two weeks has been perfect for the Buccaneers. Robbie Gould has come back from the injury and not missed a beat.

Daniel Carlson, Chris Boswell, Jake Elliott, Matthew Wright

Daniel Carlson and the Las Vegas Raiders have had to deal with everything this season. Carlson had his struggles, now the page is starting to turn for DC. I’m just glad Chris Boswell is alive. Jake Elliott the NFC Special Teams Player of The Week has been getting better every week and is one of the cinderella stories on Kickers Korner. Matthew Wright took over a miserable job, now he’s banging in kicks from fifty-plus almost every game.

Graham Gano, Justin Tucker

If I did the proper rankings this week, Graham Gano probably would be three. There isn’t much left to say about Gano. Sorry, he’s your best player Giants fans. At least there’s next year. Justin Tucker doesn’t need anything to be said about him anymore.

Thank you for reading the 2021 Kickers Korner State of the Union. Let’s hope the message is heard from all kickers involved, and I can get saved from some embarrassment.

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