Milton Williams Scouting Report

Milton Williams is a name known by few, but this interior wrecking ball deserves some more respect. Williams is a 22 year old monster in the trenches who plays aggressive and has a ton of upside in the league. Williams is a two year starter for the Bulldogs and in both of those years, he impressed enough to warrant serious attention of scouts around the league.

College: Louisiana Tech

Position: 3T Defensive Tackle

Number: #97

Height: 6’4″

Weight: 278 lbs

2019 Stats: 12 games played/27 SOLO/59 TOTAL/9 TFL/5.5 Sacks

2020 Stats: 10 games played/22 SOLO/45 TOTAL/10 TFL/4.5 Sacks


1.Milton is one of the most polished run defenders in the whole draft. He knows how to manipulate blockers to position himself to make a stop. Williams is great at plugging his gaps and can penetrate the line for athletic TFLs. He shows great athleticism in his run defending.

2.Williams is a clean player who operates with a high football IQ. Throughout his whole career he has only logged three penalties. He has great pad level and always seems to be around the ball. Smooth operator in the gaps and is eager to get to ball carriers without getting flagged in the process.

3.No defensive lineman in conference USA has the athleticism of Milton. He is fast, flexible, strong, he’s got great agility, he’s smooth, he just seems to do everything right. His pure athleticism is enough to get him drafted. Defensive coordinators across the league would kill for athleticism like his.


1.Milton lacks explosion off the line. He has the speed and the power to get off the line faster, it just seems like he is a beat late off the ball.

2.Playing for Louisiana Tech, he wasn’t facing the kind of talent he would’ve in the SEC or ACC. The talent jump in the NFL will be an adjustment for Williams. Might keep him from contributing immediately.


Milton Williams doesn’t have the game wrecking flashes of Christian Barmore, he doesn’t have the leverage of Onwuzurike, and he doesn’t have the raw power of Dayvion Nixon, but he just might have something better. No one plays with the passion of Williams. No one has the sheer athleticism of Williams. No one has the tackle radius of Williams. No one has the run polish of Williams. He has all the pass rush upside in the world and has traits that make him a unique prospect. If he falls into the right lap, he could be a huge under dog story coming from the Bayou.

Draft Projection: Second Round

Pro Comparison: Stephon Tuitt

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