Most underrated re-signing of 2022?

On Sunday, the Cleveland Browns re-signed DE Jadeveon Clowney to a 1-year, $11 million deal. Reports say Clowney turned down $14 & $15 million deals with other teams to stay with Cleveland. Clowney had an underrated year last year to say the least, he had 9.0 sacks with 37 tackles and 2 forced fumbles in 14 games played which is only 1 of 3 times when he has reached 9.0+ sacks in a season. When Myles Garrett wasn’t playing or just wasn’t playing at his best at all, Clowney showed up and proved he could potentially have his best season next year.

Why did Cleveland re-sign Clowney?

Jadeveon Clowney struggled at the start of the year to say the least, he had 3.5 sacks through the first 11 games of the season, it looked as if this was going to be another 1-year stint with a team for Clowney. Clowney stepped up and had 5.5 sacks, 7 solo tackles, and 11 total tackles during the last 3 games of the season in 2021. During these games, star DE Myles Garrett was not himself only having 1.0 combined sack in the last 4 games of the year. Overall, the last 3 games of the year are most likely why Clowney is still a Cleveland Brown, he showed and proved in these games that Myles Garrett is now allowed to have an off game or two because Clowney can step in and fill that role for him when needed.

Does this deal workout for Cleveland?

Cleveland has been very active this offseason giving QB Deshaun Watson a 5-year, $230 million guaranteed contract after trading away a boat load for him from Houston, CB Denzel Ward a 5-year, $100.5 million contract ($71.2 million guaranteed), and TE David Njoku a 4-year, $56.75 million contract ($28 million guaranteed). The Browns also signed WR Amari Cooper to be the WR 1 in Cleveland, which was a hole that needed to be filled, but once these moves were made it didn’t seem like keeping Clowney would be an option, but it was. Clowney still shopped around with some teams, but decided to say in Cleveland even when he’d be making $11 million instead of the $14 or $15 million. This deal worked out for Cleveland, as they were able to keep DE Jadeveon Clowney for a cheap price for an extra year, but this deal also worked out for Clowney as this will be a prove it year to see if Clowney really deserves the money he wants to be given by the Cleveland Browns. All in all, this deal worked out for Cleveland, they got to keep Clowney to the other side of Garrett for another year for a cheap price which didn’t seem possible back in March or April.

How big of an impact does Clowney have on Cleveland’s defense?

Clowney’s impact on the Browns defense was a positively huge impact that can’t be judged by any stat and rather should be judged by film. Clowney was able to get offensive lineman to focus on him all game long giving Myles Garrett more 1 on 1 opportunities which he pounces on for sacks. Clowney will be needed even more considering the Browns won’t have a 1st round draft pick until 2025 to take an Defensive End. Overall during the 2021 season, Clowney was really just a great compliment to Myles Garrett and Clowney will be a great mentor to all these young guys on the Browns defense.

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