NBA Week 1 Takeaways

Week 1 of the NBA has finally come to a close, and what a week it has been. Teams are back in their own stadiums and cities (aside from Toronto) and, after a brief offseason, everything is back as it should be. There has been a lot of surprises and a couple of woeful teams thus far, but that is a given in the NBA. Below are the biggest takeaways from the first week of NBA action!

(Article written on 12/28)

COVID Protocols Are No Joke

The most obvious takeaway is that the ongoing pandemic is no joke. The Rockets are the first example of how serious the NBA is taking their protocol sitting 4 Houston players and postponing their opening game.

Western Conference Takeaways

Lakers: Five takeaways from victory over the Timberwolves - Los Angeles  Times
Are the Lakers the team to beat in the West, or are going to slip as time goes on?

The Lakers have only gotten better and are still the team to beat in the West

The Clippers started strong but just got exposed by Luka and company and their chemistry is back to where it was before, nowhere. 

Klay Thompson is finally getting credit for being important to the Warriors’ success as their other players cannot score. (Get Well Soon Klay!)

Despite CP3’s troubled start in Phoenix, the Suns are continuing to build off their impressive bubble performance.

Houston definitely has a problem and shouldn’t try and hide it anymore. TRADE JAMES HARDEN.

New Orleans is playing excellent basketball and Brandon Ingram is BALLING along with Zion.  (I see you JJ Reddick)

Anthony Edwards is an early Rookie of the Year contender with over 18 ppg through his first 4 games. 

The West is going to be a tight race and it shows early, so maybe the play-in tournament is going to be a good one at the end of the season.

Eastern Conference Takeaways

Magic Beat Heat on Opening Night at Amway Center | Orlando Magic
Can Orlando continue their white-hot form or is this just an early irrelevant run?

KD and Kyrie are going to be tough to play against all season, and the entire Nets bench is stacked too. 

Markelle Fultz is playing with a chip on his shoulder along with the Magic as they start off undefeated. Terrence Ross might be overlooked as well but he is also on a tear as of late.

The Cavs and Hawks are undefeated early. Both teams were bottom feeders last season. Collin Sexton is killing it and the Hawks are loving their new additions. 

Indiana is actually a solid basketball team and Damontas Sabonis deserves more praise.

Solid start for Doc Rivers in Philly but they still seem to be missing a piece. 

Tatum is balling early but Boston is off to a lackluster start early.

“Scary” Terry is playing shockingly well as well as Hayward, and LaMelo Ball is having one of those Ball brothers starts for his career… he either plays good or plays badly.

How much help does Giannis need? He is playing elite ball but his teammates are playing mediocre, including recently acquired Jrue Holiday. 

Raps are off to a shaky start but somehow will be top in the East soon.

Westbrook is having fun but the Wizards aren’t as they sit at the bottom of the East up to now. 

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