NFL CBA Update

Well, it seems as though we’re in the closing stages of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), assuming the vote is passed. All this is being done in the hopes of avoiding a lockout like that of the 2011 season, and making new changes to the league that profit both the players and the owners. The deal needs to be in place in order for the NFL to continue with the new season as normal, but if passed it’d constitute a number of changes:

  • A 17-game regular season (still a single bye-week)
  • Am extra team from each conference would make the playoffs, leaving the #1 seeds as the only playoff bye teams
  • A minor percentage raise in revenue from the league, but significant enough that players may earn as much as $5 billion more collectively
  • A reduced number of manual training camp practices (from 28 to 16)
  • Roster size would expand to 55 from 53
  • Practice squad size would gradually grow to 14
  • Rookies minimum salary would see a significant increase
  • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would no longer be in charge of disciplinary actions
  • Changes in punishments for THC consumption

The NFL Owners and NFL Players Association both voted to pass the deal, though neither vote was unanimous. The player vote, which concludes on March 12th, will decide whether or not the new CBA goes into effect. If passed: all changes are made immediately. If not: the deal goes back to the NFL Owners to be reconstructed. Considering that over 60% of NFL players sit on a league minimum contract (these are the players the deal most benefits), the deal is expected to be passed. Whilst many star players have voiced their concerns, they are unlikely to sway enough of the NFL populace to force the vote to fail.

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