NFL Free Agency: Winners and Losers

One of the most exciting parts of the NFL offseason is seeing where free agents land. Every team is hoping to find new pieces that can enhance their team. Some teams are rebuilding slowly to compete for a Super Bowl in a few years. Other teams are looking for that final piece to take them over the edge to assert themselves as the new best team in the NFL. Just like the regular season, some teams are winning and some teams are losing in the free agency race. Some teams are adding to their arsenal while others fail to add to their roster, and in some cases losing valuable pieces. 

Biggest Winner: New England Patriots

With Tom Brady being able to win a ring without Bill Belichick in his first season away from him, it seems that Tom is the engine that made the Patriots go. This lights a fire under Bill and it shows through the aggressive moves the Patriots have made so far. They have signed 8 players and have spent 137.5 M in guaranteed money during this stretch. With these signings, the Patriots were able to add much-needed depth to their offense. Over the last two seasons, in particular, the Patriots have had a terrible receiving core and have made it difficult for their offense to be efficient. With a continued effort to have a bounce-back year and the added fire under Bill Belichick, it is clear that the Patriots played their cards will during free agency. 

Biggest Loser: Houston Texans

The Houston Texans being the biggest loser has more to do with the overall drama that has taken place over this offseason. This offseason started with the Deshaun Watson expressing his discontent with the Texans organization which has led to spiraling effects. Free agency for the Texans began with JJ Watt singing with the Cardinals. For someone who has dedicated their whole career with the Texans and has become a valuable member of the Houston community. This move was shocking and is a notable veteran loss for the Texans. Most recently Will Fuller decided to part ways with the Texans as well to play with the Dolphins. Although he has dealt with injuries, he is a solid receiver whose loss makes your offense notably weaker.

Along with the losses that the Texans have been unable to make a significant long-term singing. Their best singing was Desmond King to a one-year deal which does have good value. However, with the disfunction surrounding the organization, it will not have a long-term positive effect for the Texans. They have lost many valuable pieces and have been unable to find suitable replacements. Although it is not expected of them to be able to make any significant shifts in the same offseason where things go terribly, it does not change the losses they sufferred.

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