NFL Takeaways: Week 3

And just like that, we have officially seen three weeks of NFL action go by. This week was filled with its fair share of close games, and not so close games. We saw a lot of stellar offense being played (Bills, Rams, and Cowboys… I see you) as well as tremendous defensive efforts (Cleveland that’s you). Here is week 3 of my NFL takeaway series.

Debating Sam Darnold's first three games

Panthers (24) @ Texans (9): Although the Panthers have faced a very favorable schedule thus far, there is no denying how nice Darnold is looking in his first 3 games away from New York. Another solid game, with 2 rushing TDs and a great connection with D.J Moore (8 catches for 126 yards). Losing CMC is tough, and it’s gonna be a challenge for Carolina, but Darnold played well without him in this game. Houston has got to be real bummed out that Tyrod was out and will continue to be out, but maybe Davis Mills can be a guy to spark something new in this team. Houston won’t get many positives after their last two off seasons, so they just gotta take it week by week.

Chargers (30) @ Chiefs (24): Anyone else say wow? Because I’m sure not many had LA going into Arrowhead and coming out with a win. Just another showing off how good Justin Herbert is, sending a huge statement and showing good signs for the future. KC needs to get it together because back-to-back losses is not a look they want to have. Everyone thought they’d be coming out of the AFC this year… again, but right now it’s looking a little gloomy. 

Cardinals (31) @ Jaguars (19): Another wild 3-0 team here as Arizona wins in Florida. Honestly, Gus Johnson calling the game made this one watchable, especially with that kick-six call, but man, what an underwhelming game of football. Once again, Trevor Lawrence has more picks than TDs thrown and it’s starting to get a little worrying. Arizona looks like they can be decent this year and Jacksonville… maybe next time.

Notes: Bears get decimated by Browns' defense in debut of Justin Fields -  Windy City Gridiron

Bears (6) @ Browns (26): “It was actually kinda slow to me” said Justin Fields in regards to the speed of the NFL. And what a lie that was because he got absolutely SMOKED by Cleveland in his return to Ohio during his first career start. The entire Bears offense had just 112 TOTAL YARDS OF OFFENSE. Fields got hit so hard by Myles Garrett and company, I was just applauding the fact that he was able to stand. Chicago allowed 9 TOTAL SACKS, the most sacks allowed in a game since October of 2019. Credit the Browns defense for taking advantage and imposing their will. If their offense can match that defense every week, they can be a really interesting contender.

Football Team (21) @ Bills (43): Honestly, this Washington team isn’t bad, I just think they had a bad week. Both their offense and defense seemed really lackluster throughout the game despite putting up points. Josh Allen just had other plans with his return to form, boasting a total of 5 TDs and 367 yards of offense. Everything just clicked for Buffalo and that’s an encouraging sign for their fans who are eager to hopefully see them make a deep playoff run again.

Colts (16) @ Titans (25): Honestly, the Colts shouldn’t be 0-3. Unfortunately, their inability to generate points in the second half has killed them yet again. Derrick Henry didn’t rush for a score and Tannehill played a really bad game, yet the Titans still managed to win. Honestly, the Titans are a very confusing 2-1 team. They have the ability to be special but they just seem so… meh at times.

Mac Jones throws three interceptions as Patriots falter in 28-13 loss to  Saints

Saints (28) @ Patriots (13): After their spanking in Carolina, the Saints toughened up and came to New England and managed to snatch a win from the Patriots. Winston is honestly not very good as he hasn’t managed to throw for over 150 yards at all this season, yet he has 7 TDs to 2 picks, and his team is 2-1. Very solid win for the Saints. New England, aside from Meyers and Bourne having a good game, couldn’t really do anything on offense to compete. Next week’s matchup vs Tampa is gonna be a bloodbath if they allow this Saints offense to score 28 this past weekend…

Falcons (17) @ Giants (14): I told you guys Matt Ryan wasn’t the issue in Atlanta. And although the margin of victory was small, he still managed to get the job done in the 4th. Atlanta fans can sleep happy knowing at least their QB is solid. New York played decently but ultimately couldn’t do enough to win and lose yet another close game.

Bengals (24) @ Steelers (10): Dear Pittsburgh, it’s time to accept the fact that A, your defense is not as good as we thought it was. And B, Ben Roethlisberger fell off. T.J. Watt might be the only reason that defense hasn’t gotten any more hate because man, the Bengals offensive line would’ve probably been pushed around and allowed this game to be closer if Watt wasn’t out. But he was, and his defense just seemed lost without him. Not to mention Big Ben just looks completely done. Sure he threw for 318 yards, but he also threw 2 picks and a bunch of overthrows, underthrows, and everything in between. When the defense looks feeble and the offense can’t make up for it, it’s an issue. Bengals look nice, Steelers look like they’re in trouble.

Justin Tucker's NFL-record FG lifts Ravens to win over Lions

Ravens (19) @ Lions (17): Honesty could’ve been a totally different ball game if Hollywood Brown didn’t mess up 2 easy TDs, but what a close call this was for Baltimore. The Lions are 0-3 but really take it to whatever team they face, losing by a score in two games, which is at least a positive sign for a Detroit team that hasn’t had very many positives.. For Baltimore, man they got lucky that Justin Tucker is indeed THAT GUY. His 66 yard doink that not only saved the Ravens, but made NFL history. If Baltimore can clean up those easy plays that haven’t connected, they can seriously be a top team in the AFC this year.

Jets (0) @ Broncos (26): Easy takeaway here. The Jets suck (again, what’s new?), and the Broncos have had a very favorable schedule so far. These wins, however, are helping to build chemistry and confidence for Denver and they are gonna need that when they face Baltimore week 4.

Dolphins (28) @ Raiders (31): What a gutsy performance by Jacoby Brissett. Unfortunately, his efforts came up short as the Raiders won AGAIN, moving to 3-0 but not after a thrilling OT. The Dolphins defense looks great at times and sad during other times. Their offense just needs to put up more points. The Raiders are looking legit and Daniel Carlson’s leg is looking even more LEGit.

Los Angeles Rams vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Game thread for the second half -  Turf Show Times

Bucs (24) @ Rams (34): What a showdown between Brady and Stafford. Honestly one heck of a game that lived up to the hype. Brady put up crazy numbers but the Rams defense came through when it mattered most. Stafford looked great out there and his connection with Kupp is looking scary. The Rams are proving yet again that the trade for Stafford was the right one…

Seahawks (17) @ Vikings (30): Kirk Cousins absolutely BALLED this game. There’s no doubt that those 2 losses the Vikings had prior to this were not Cousins’ fault. And what a way to prove that by winning without your RB1. He just looked so calm and hungry against the Seahawks. Seattle simply couldn’t hang and fall to 1-2. Their defense just couldn’t defend the pass very well and Cousins feasted. He has Minnesota looking really good right now, but was this a fluke? Remains to be seen.

Packers (30) @ 49ers (28): What a Sunday night game indeed. An electric showdown in the bay as Rodgers and Jimmy G put on a show. A close game all the way through and Rodgers managed to give his team a shot at the W, driving down the field with 37 seconds left and no timeouts. The Niners played one hell of a football game but their defense really cracked under pressure when it mattered. The biggest takeaway for San Francisco is that Jimmy really played well and this team really has a shot to be great this season if they can cut the mistakes down on defense. Green Bay fans are happy because it looks like AR12 is back and fully invested in this team again.

Cowboys vs. Eagles 2021 Week 3 game day live discussion II - Blogging The  Boys

Eagles (21) @ Cowboys (41): The end of the first quarter teased that this game would be close, and it lied. The Eagles just seemed lost out there after the first quarter. On offense Hurts either gets hit, turns the ball over, or just flat out misses his guys. Yes he gets the ball to his target, but it’s nowhere near as consistent as it should be. The defense might’ve generated 4 sacks and a fumble leading to a score, but they struggled immensely despite it all. As a team, the Eagles got called on 13 penalties (86 yards). Just a bad sign for Philly because things are looking tough. Dak’s return to Dallas was as good as it can get. Despite that fumble in the end zone, he played a really solid game, throwing for 4 TDs and it was nice seeing him back on the field in Dallas. That defense is slowly looking better and better each week which is great considering how god-awful they were last year.

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