NFL Week 3 Overreactions

Through the first three weeks of the NFL season, much has happened. We saw a shootout week one, a Monday night thriller, and a NFL-record field goal to win. Thus, it is only fair, as fans, to overreact to what we have seen. In this article, I will detail prevailing overreactions and if it is a fair reaction. From bad QB’s to bad teams, we will cover the most outrageous overreactions and sentiments NFL fans have about their teams. Check out more NFL Sports Wave content here.

The Steelers Week One Win was a Fluke

Ben Roethlisberger is a joke at this point in his career, but many still held hope that the Steelers could win despite him. Unfortunately for Steelers fans, they proved how bad they indeed were this past week against the Bengals. Although they did not have T.J. Watt, the Steelers failed to establish any meaningful presence within the game. Their offense could not get going, their defense could not contain Ja’Marr Chase or Joe Mixon, and Big Ben proved he should have retired in the offseason. What truly killed them was the turnovers. Both interceptions were awful throws by Ben and quickly picked. In conclusion, nobody should expect the Steelers to go far this season, even with T.J. Watt terrorizing offenses.

Kyle Pitts was a Bad Draft Pick

While it is only week three, many have already started to claim Kyle Pitts a bust. Although he hasn’t played horrible, his presence does not influence the game enough for the Falcon’s offense. Pitts only had three targets and caught only two of them this past week against the Giants. Cordarrelle Patterson got the ball 11 more times than Pitts, despite being in his 8th season and losing much of his speed.

Furthermore, the Falcons’ defense cannot stop anybody to save their lives. They allow the third-most points in the league and show that A.J. Terrell and Fabian Moreau are among the worst starting CB tandems in the league. In conclusion, the Falcon’s could have used their draft pick to bolster their horrific secondary or even draft Penei Sewell to help their offensive line. Through the first three weeks, Kyle Pitts feels like a dud.

The Dallas Cowboys Will Win At Least 13 Games

I hate to say this, but the Dallas Cowboys are an outstanding team. Although they are only 2-1, they have played lights out through their first three games. Especially on offense. Dak Prescott has been lethal this season and is the clear favorite to comeback player of the year. Zeke seems to have regained some of his power back as he joins the underrated Tony Pollard in a loaded backfield. Additionally, Ceedee Lamb and Amari Cooper continue to shred NFL secondary’s as they make their case for the best NFL receiver tandem.

Most importantly, the defense took a significant step forward. Often looked at as one of the NFL’s worst, the defense has transitioned into a quality unit with Trevon Diggs, Micah Parsons, and Jaylon Smith. In conclusion, this Cowboys unit is one of the best in the NFC and will win the NFC East.

Matthew Stafford Will Win MVP

With the second-most touchdowns, second-highest passer rating, and only one interception, it is fair to assume that Stafford is in the running for MVP. We knew going into the year that the Rams would improve under Stafford. However, nobody knew it was going to be this much. Stafford has rolled through his first three as a Ram. With a quality offensive-minded head coach and excellent receiving core, Stafford finally got his chance to make the postseason with Super Bowl intentions.

Although Carr, Murray, and Herbert have put up big numbers too, nobody compares to Stafford. Unless the Rams completely fall apart and lose the NFC, I cannot see anybody else winning MVP at the moment. In conclusion, while he has tough competition, Stafford is the favorite to win MVP.

The Chargers Will Win the AFC West

Through three weeks, the best team in AFC West is not the Chiefs; it is the Chargers. Few predicted the Chargers would be the Chiefs this past week. Fewer predicted they would win the AFC West. However, with the Chief’s out-of-sorts, the Chargers are the current favorites. Justin Herbert continues to impress everyone in his young career, and he has proven he can win in the big moments. Additionally, Mike Williams and Keenan Allen have perfected their game and prove they are two of the best possession and jump-ball receivers.

Moreover, their defense proved they can stop the best offenses too. They caused a whopping four turnovers against the Chiefs, including two interceptions. If they can solidify their run-game, nobody will stop them. In conclusion, the Chargers are the real deal and have an excellent opportunity to win the AFC West.

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