NFL Win Total Best Bets: Unders

Rather than giving you a lengthy intro about the grand scheme of the NFL with a peek into the economic side, I’ll cut straight to the point. If you haven’t already, check out my other article on Overs, and for a little context to the first sentence. Let’s hop right in.

New York Jets (6)

For the first time since the Todd Bowles area, there is genuine reason for hope amongst the Jets community. Robert Saleh seems like the perfect choice to lay the foundations of a rebuild, but he could very well be gone by the time the Jets flourish. In a stacked division, New York’s second favorite football team would be lucky to pick up multiple wins against their rivals. The Jets are certainly taking a step in the right direction, but anything more than 5 wins is doubtful.

Zach Wilson looks set for a bright NFL career, but his first year in New York likely won’t be all that successful

Seattle Seahawks (10)

The Seattle Seahawks are the league’s most intriguing team heading into the season. Their roster has progressively gotten worse and worse since the Legion of Boom glory days, and with a tough schedule in a perilous division, the road to the playoffs will be brutal for the Hawks. Russell Wilson has yet to string together a full year of MVP play, and the defense is a bottom-tier unit with patchy veterans. I envision Seattle to endure a 9-8 season with an outside shot at grabbing the 7th seed. 

Indianapolis Colts (9)

Problems have already arisen for the Colts before the season starts, with starters Carson Wentz and Quentin Nelson both suffering foot injuries. If the duo can be ready and in midseason form by the time Week 1 rolls around, the Colts might end up fine, but Wentz is Mr. Unreliable and has struggled even when able. As was shown in 2019, Frank Reich’s Colts struggle without consistent quarterback play. Even if Wentz remains healthy throughout the year, I still have little faith the Colts will achieve a winning record.

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