NFL Win Totals: Bonus Bets

To pass the hard-hitting feeling of existential reality as I lie awake at night, waiting to leave for college in the morning, I decided to take another look at the list of win totals shortly after finishing up my two previous articles. As I casually skimmed through the list, I found two plays so great I couldn’t hesitate to inform the select few of you taking the time to read this. Maybe I wasn’t thorough enough in my previous endeavors, but two standout totals put dollar signs in my eyes. Enough of the chit chat, let’s build your rainy day fund.

Green Bay Packers (Over 10)

It would be cliche to call the 2021 season for Aaron Rodgers and the gang a “last dance,” but it fits the scenario perfectly. As a Chicagophile, it pains me to attribute the term to the Bears’ biggest adversary. To quit beating around the bush, in simple terms, this is Aaron Rodgers’ last shot at winning a ring with the Packers. The part time State Farm actor is a natural winner, and with the circumstances this year Rodgers and the Pack will be extra motivated. Despite a tough schedule, I still foresee Green Bay securing the 1 seed with a 13-4 record.

Whether it be as jeopardy host or starting quarterback, Aaron Rodgers’ job in 2022 will not be with the Packers

Denver Broncos (Under 8.5)

Turmoil is brewing in the Mile High City with two mediocre-at-best quarterbacks set to take the stage in 2021. Teddy Bridgewater is the current starter and will open Week 1, but his lackluster 2020 campaign with the Panthers gives no reason for promise for Vic Fangio, who enters his third year in Denver on the hotseat. There are quality pieces in Denver; Cortland Sutton returns after an ACL injury, Jerry Jeudy is primed to ramp up production and possibly burst into the limelight, and Patrick Surtain fills a much needed hole at CB. However, the roster as a whole is nothing special, and with a tough division, Denver looks staged for another losing record.

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