One-Name Game: NFC Quarterbacks

This is the second installation in the One-Name Game for every starting quarterback in the NFL. The gist of the idea is to associate one word with each QB, but for an in depth explanation, check out the first installation with AFC quarterbacks. Like last time, the order will be based on the 2019 regular season standings, with the current projected 2020 starter. Credit goes to fellow TSW journalist Michael Vanko for the idea.

Jimmy Garoppolo: Underrated

Often “Gucci Garoppolo” is written off as a mediocre or even bad quarterback. By no means is he a Lamar Jackson or Patrick Mahomes, but he is a borderline elite starter who can win games. Garoppolo’s career record as a starter is 21-5, and he went 13-3 in his first full season as a starter. Jimmy G has a great supporting cast around him and a top tier defense, but he played exceptionally coming off an ACL tear.

Honorable Mention: Handsome

Aaron Rodgers: Replaced

Rather than being a biased and salty Bears fan by choosing a word like “egotistical” or “controlling,” I decided to go with a moderately fair word association for the man partly responsible for ruining my childhood. Much to my pleasure, it appears as if Rodgers is on his Packer deathbed in Green Bay after they traded up to select Jordan Love with the 26th overall pick. He will likely last 2 more years there, but the 36-year-old Rodgers won’t likely be able to retire as a Packer if he plays into his 40’s.

HM: Beer

Aaron Rodgers got utterly embarrassed by David Bakhtiari during a ...
Football, not chugging beer, is Rodgers’s talent

Drew Brees: Records

In terms of regular season statistics, no quarterback is more accomplished than Brees. He holds the record for most career competitions, passing yards, touchdown passes, and highest career completion percentage. Drew Brees consistently puts up numbers and breaks a different record year after year. When Brees’s career comes to a close, his missing MVP trophy and “only” one ring will fade out of conversations, as he will be remembered for his records.

HM: Anthem

Carson Wentz: Health

Whether the connotation is fair or not, until he wins a playoff game, Wentz will be known for failing to stay healthy when it matters most. In 2017, on the heels of an MVP campaign, Wentz tore his left ACL and LCL. In 2018, he missed 5 games due to injuries and missed yet another playoff run for the Eagles. Last season he started in all 16 games, but ironically a concussion caused him to exit in the first quarter of his first ever playoff start.

HM: Ginger

Russel Wilson: Carrying

Gone are the iconic days of the Legion of Boom in Seattle that turned so many 12-year-old kids into Seahawks fans temporarily. For the past few years, Russell Wilson has had his turn to bear the burden of the team. Whether he is scrambling for dear life behind an awful o-line or throwing dimes to Tyler Lockett in the back of the endzone, Wilson has lately been doing the most for the Seahawks offense. He gets some help from the run game, but Wilson is the key reason for the Seahawks success as of late.

HM: Underappreciated

Russell Wilson's scramble highlights - YouTube
Wilson fleeing the pocket has become a common scene in Seattle

Kirk Cousins: Overhated

With the exception of Rayne Dakota Prescott, it seems as if no quarterback gets more unnecessary hate than Kirk Cousins. Cousins is by no means a proven elite quarterback among the likes of Russell Wilson and Drew Brees, but he is a solid starter that does what is asked of him and more. He put up respectable numbers in the regular season and led the Vikings to a berth in the NFC Divisional, but for some reason always has the critics barking up his tree.

HM: Primetime

Jared Goff: Overpaid

Rams general manager Les Snead likely regrets giving Jared Goff a $134 million extension after Goff played his worst full season of football as a Ram in 2019. Despite throwing for over 4,600 yards, Goff was not the same field general that led his team to Super Bowl LIII. He struggled greatly under pressure and saw a significant drop off in passer rating. Despite having 3 Pro Bowl-caliber receivers, he saw a decrease in touchdown passes and an increase in interceptions. 

HM: Overrated

Mitchell Trubisky: Inaccurate

Does this one really need an explanation? If you are familiar with me writing, you likely know of my love-hate relationship with Trubisky, a relationship that is 90% hate and 10% love. Whether it’s an issue with his vision, accuracy, or a combination of the two, Trubisky just can’t consistently move the ball downfield for the Bears. If he can’t fix his clear issues in 2020, Trubisky will be out of the league sooner than later.

HM: Garbage

Dak Prescott: Contract

With a current dry spell of NFL content, the mainstream sports media has brought Dak Prescott and his future as a Cowboy to the forefront of most discussions. On Monday, he finally signed his franchise tender, but he is still set to become a free agent yet again next year. With Prescott reportedly wanting $35+ million annually, he often receives slander for his excessive demands. Prescott may be asking for too much, but he has been greatly undervalued with his rookie deal.

HM: Undervalued

Dak Prescott Will Get All the Money He Wants" - Analyst on QB's ...
With an incoming salary cap nightmare for the Cowboys, Prescott will have to earn every dollar of his future contract

Matt Ryan: Elite?

During the 2016 season which included a trip to Super Bowl LI and an MVP trophy for Ryan, Matty Ice established himself as one of the top quarterbacks in the league. Since then, the Falcons have failed to win the AFC South and only reached the playoffs once, as a 6th seed in 2017. Matt Ryan has played well, but the Falcons have failed to win despite having a strong offensive roster. Ryan is now a borderline elite QB, but if the Falcons continue to lose as he ages, Matt Ryan will lose his status.

HM: Ice

Tom Brady: GOAT

At this point, NFL fans who deny Tom Brady’s greatness are either in denial or salty over his 6 rings. Brady is a proven winner and boasts more success than any other player ever, regardless of position. Associating any other word with Brady would be a fallacy, with the exception of cheater for the conspiracy theorists out there. Oh, and kid-kisser. No further explanation required. Needless to say, Brady is a built winner and is the clear GOAT at the most important position in the game.

HM: Washed?

Kyler Murray: Toddler

If you Murray on tape or and see him in live action, one aspect of his game in particular will stand out. Whenever Murray runs (and I mean this in the nicest way possible), he resembles a toddler running from a punishment given by his parents. While this may be a narrative created by NFL internet culture that likes to mock Murray for his height, once you see it, it can’t be unseen. However, Murray is one dangerous toddler, and he will be a force to reckon with for years to come.

HM: Short

Teddy Bridgewater: Return

Teddy Two Gloves is finally getting the chance to start Week 1 in 2020 with the Panthers for the first time since 2015. After a gruesome ACL tear on the dawn of his 3rd season in Minnesota, Bridgewater was overlooked and found his way to New Orleans as a backup. In 2019, he went 5-0 as a starter when Drew Brees was out with a thumb injury, and earned a payday in free agency with a division rival of the Saints.

HM: Unnoticed

Daniel Jones: Turnovers

Danny Dimes was tied for second in the league in turnovers amongst quarterbacks, only trailing the prestigious Jameis Winston. Jones threw 12 interceptions, but his main concern was fumbles. As if having his confidence and masculinity literally ripped from his arms in Week 10 by Jamal Adams wasn’t enough, Jones fumbled an additional 17 times, losing 11 of 18 in total. If he wants to be a serious starter in the league for years to come, Daniel Jones will have to address his clear turnover issues.

HM: Dimes

Matthew Stafford: Restrained

“Is Matthew Stafford a successful quarterback?” is one of the questions the world may never know the answer to. Stafford’s stats would make a good argument in favor of him, but his record as a starter would dictate otherwise. He has led the Lions to 3 playoff berths, but has yet to win a game in the postseason. Whether it is injuries, a bad supporting cast, or the Lions being the Lions, it always seems as if there is something holding Stafford back, causing him to be regarded as a good, but not great quarterback.

HM: Luckless

Dwayne Haskins Jr.: Developing

Rather than going with a less kind word to describe Haskins, I chose to go with “Developing,” as he is still a young QB learning the ropes of the NFL. Haskins’s stats don’t exactly reflect well on him, but he showed promise as a rookie. If his supporting cast is improved and he continues to develop in an offensive scheme that plays to his strengths, Haskins has potential to be an elite starter one day in the league.  

HM: Losses

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